Excise Law widened the scope from 1st December 2019. Sweentened drinks and electronic smoking devices or tools and tools, or liquids used in such devices and tools are covered under excise perview.

Excise tax covers producers, importers and stockpilers. Definition of producers & importers is comprehensive but the definition of stockpiler is need to be checked as many traders, wholesalers & warehousekeepers covers under the purview of stockpiler definition.

As per the recent public clarification by FTA

Where a person expects to hold stock of sweetened drinks, electronic smoking devices and

tools, or liquids used in such devices and tools for business purposes on 1 December 2019, the person should consider whether he would qualify as a stockpiler or not for Excise Tax purposes. Qualifying as a stockpiler will require the person to register for Excise Tax purposes with effect from 1 December 2019, and to pay Excise Tax on the stock on hand on 1 December 2019. Click the link to the full document

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