• How to Navigate UAE VAT Penalties With The FTA Payment Instalment Plan PIP?

    uae vat penalties with fta payment instalment plan

    As businesses continue to evolve in the UAE, VAT compliance remains a cornerstone of fiscal responsibility. Over the years, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has introduced a series of penalties aimed at ensuring rigorous adherence to tax laws. Well, the FTA listened since ultimately UAE as an emerging business-friendly destination is all about ease of […]

  • Everything You Must know about New Tax Procedure Law of UAE for VAT 2023

    New Tax Procedure Law of UAE for VAT 2023

    That time of the year is finally here as on 1st March, 2023 when the New Tax Procedure Law of VAT Decree Law UAE becomes enforceable. Now that the New Tax Procedures Law (TPL) has taken effect, it’s critical for businesses to familiarize themselves with its provisions. This is a golden opportunity thanks to the […]

  • The Complete Guide to Getting Residency in Dubai 2023

    Guide to Getting Residency in Dubai 2023

    If you came here searching for a comprehensive guide to getting residency in Dubai in 2023, you are at the right place. UAE, more so Dubai has always been on people’s radar either for a short vacation or for hitting up a quick business deal and moving back to home country. However, with the recent […]

  • Insights on Tax Registration Exemption for Companies Operating in UAE

    Insights on Tax Registration Exemption for Companies Operating in UAE

    It is important to be aware of the tax registration rules in UAE, for any business entity in the region to take care of its tax-related responsibilities as mandated by the regulator and also to efficiently plan its resources and cash flows. Especially if you are thinking of starting a business entity in UAE, it […]

  • Top Reasons why you should be Interested in VAT Registration and VAT Experts in the UAE

    Top reasons why you should be interested in VAT registration and VAT experts in the UAE

    As some are searching for a great chance to earn a living on their terms, they often look at starting a business as one of the best ways to do so, which often entails getting VAT registration in the United Arab Emirates. Starting a business enterprise, allows them to establish their name in society and […]

  • Important Facts about VAT Consultant in Dubai

    Important Facts About VAT Consultant in Dubai

    The VAT consultant in Dubai ensures that VAT is charged on most goods and services at a rate of 5%, with few exceptions for those who are under our watch. At the other hand, end users generally accept VAT costs in the form of an increase in most of the products and services of 5% […]

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