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Fund Acquisition Consultancy

HBF Consultancy Pvt Ltd provides consultancy to Individuals, SMEs, MSMEs & corporate companies for raising of funds through bank finance. With the very well acknowledged team and our thorough liasioning with various public banks, private banks, NBFCs we provide end to end solution. We deal with all kind of fund based and non fund based requirements which includes

  • Debt Syndication and Consortium Lending
  • Term Loan & Working Capital Loan
  • Construction Finance
  • Letter of Credits (LC) & Bank Guarantee (BG)
  • Retail Loan
  • Loan Against Property (LAP)

Specialized Services

Horizon Biz Consultancy Dubai, acts as a financial consultants to small, medium size enterprises for Fund Acquisition either through debt or private equity model. For the efficient processing of proposal and to define appropriate financial position for an enterprise, we provide Financial Modelling, Project Report & Future Projections, Credit Proposal & Appraisal Note and Business Profiling services.

Finance management is important for a company to avoid budget deficit and overspending. It also helps a company to understand their expenditures and distribution of its profits department wise.

To manage finances by abiding all statutory regulations and obligations, expertise in the financial market is required, that allows a business to get the insights and identify opportunities, and that is why board of directors and CEO’s are looking for seeking professional advice through financial consulting firms in Dubai while taking decision related to finance.

Valuation Services by Financial Consultant in Dubai

Horizon Biz Consultancy is one of the leading financial consultants in Dubai and can help your business with financial functions through planning and execution of financial strategies and efficient cash flow management.

We help organisations in selecting and implementing the right metrics or tools to simplify your financial journey and thereby reducing risks and costs.

We do deal with business valuation services specifically required for Merger or Acquisitions, Joint ventures, Fund raising through Equity dilution, Investment decisions, valuation of intangible assets including brand valuation & good will and dispute & litigation cases.

Did You Know ?

Basics of VAT and Why is it implemented?

VAT is consumption based Tax levied on goods and services at the point of supply and in not intended to be a tax on business. VAT is implemented to help governmnet reducing dependence on crude and to contribute to continuous provisions of high quality public services such as school/ healthcare/ infrastructure.

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