Important things about Investment in Dubai

Important Things about Investment in Dubai

Dubai is a home to people from more than 200 nationalities belonging to different sectors and industries which, in itself, is a testament to their diversity. Known for the tallest buildings in the world, the excellent record breaking statistics, and the omnipresent opulence, Dubai is one of the most perfect places to buy property. Geared towards terrific economic growth, Dubai is set to thrive in the next years attracting global talent, increased amounts of Foreign Investment, and even more impressive projects.

Which is the best Investment to Make Money?

Dubai offers multiple good investment opportunities to all sorts of investors around the world and with new avenues like digital currencies, NFT, and more. Dubai is the sky limit for the investors. There is a lot of potential in the existing and emerging markets for short term and long term investors. With the help of Horizon Biz Consultancy service you can easily short out to which is your best investment sector to make money in Dubai according to your financial condition.

Is it worth investing in Dubai for Business?

As per to, World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business score, Dubai attained a high score of 94.8, making it one of the top 20 best countries to start a business in. Investors looking to get high return profits for their money to consider Dubai as one of the safest city for investment, particularly in the real estate and hospitality sectors.

Four Important things investors always wants in Dubai

  1. Global Center

Fifth best city in the world and one of the best safest city to live in, Dubai needs no introduction. It does not come as a shock that Dubai is the biggest financial, trade and labor market hub in the region. There is no shortage of options when it comes to attractions and popular places to visit. Not to mention the stable economy, future looking architecture, and overall environment conducive to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Thus as result, Dubai is a preferred investment landscape as it continues to be a rapidly developing city for all the right reasons.

  1. High yields

Where you can calculate yourself lucky to get a 5% annual ROI in other markers, the average ROI in Dubai hovers between 7 to 8% and you can go up to double digits in some cases. On top of this, the purchase cost of properties is lower compared to property investment the all over world. Day by day numbers continue to break records, mostly in prime residential communities. In Dubai, real estate sector Investors can expect good financial returns.

  1. Tax incentives

Preferred the Dubai is not only for foreign investment because it is open to foreign investors and always due to its low tax structure. All Investors need not to pay taxes on property, income, or capital gains. Not about to confused with a fully tax free region, property owners need to pay 5% of the average rental tax in their area or 4% in the case of property transfers. It’s still a small tax price to pay compared to other countries. This tax structure makes Dubai all the more a viable option for investors looking for long term, cost effective solutions to diversify.

  1. Free zones

Dubai has one of the most numbers of free zones in the world. Free zones are special economic areas which target all investors who want to have full ownership over their businesses.  The registration of a companies in a Dubai free zone has many benefits, among the business registration and obtaining the necessary visas for business owners and employees. Moreover, foreign investors will find the perfect infrastructure which includes office space, and warehouses for their free zone company.

Important things to consider when investing in the Dubai

  • What investment opportunities are available as a foreigner or local expat?
  • How stable are the rules & regulations around foreign investment in the Dubai?
  • Is the country politically stable for investment?
  • Is the currency stable in Dubai?
  • Are there any support to attract foreign investment (e.g., loans, subsidies)?
  • How could does the regional geopolitical situation affect the Dubai economy?
  • What types of protection do foreign investors receive in the Dubai?
  • How mature is the banking and financial system in Dubai?
  • Take advice from a financial expert and then finalise your decision.

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