We are a consortium of expert financial consultants

We understand the business challenges of our clients advice towards optimizing their finances

Our Core Business

we are experts in financial & corporate services

Tax Consulting services

With the intent to leverage our experience we support entrepreneurs & consultants in UAE by providing

  • UAE VAT Law
  • UAE Excise Law
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Accounting & Auditing Services

Updated Accounting records shows correct picture of business. We support entrepreneurs by providing

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Finance Services

We help businesses to accelerate the growth by supporting them to raise funds through

  • Fund Acquisition Consultancy
  • Specialized Services
  • Valuation services
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Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide high-quality services at a very efficient cost. We strive for continual growth based upon a reputation of excellence derived from proven results.

About Us
Our Assurance

Horizon Biz Consultancy assure complete confidentiality, reliability of information and dedicated support systems for investor interface with real-time information.

Why Us
Outsourcing Accounts

Accounts outsourcing helps companies to look to the high leverage areas and better utilize their resources to exploit these areas instead executing a clerical task.

Why Outsourcing
Why Us

Because our clients develop and maintain competitive advantage with our services

Client focus

We integrate our team with our clients’ business and help them make right decisions at each stage of their business growth. We are with our clients for the long term.

Culture of integrity

We have strong work ethics, focusing on openness and honest relationship with our clients.


We understand our clients’ business, anticipate their needs, and meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.


We provide dedicated, professional, and highly skilled team to suit your business needs.


One to one interaction with our clients to understand their requirements and needs.


We apply flexible fees according to the client’s needs, adapting to our client’s ever-changing business goals, objectives, and budgets.

Our Clients

Refund for UAE Nationals Building New Residences

The new amendment is applicable to those UAE nationals who owns or obtain a land in the UAE and on which he builds or commission the construction of a new residential building to be solely used by that person or his/her family. This scheme helps those nationals to claim refund on the tax paid on […]


All About VAT Payments in UAE

All tax registered businesses or individuals are required to file VAT returns on a monthly or quarterly basis. For this, they can approach any registered VAT services firm in UAE for expert guidance.The total VAT payable depends on whether the Input VAT you incurred can offset the Output VAT. If the Output VAT exceeds Input […]


Our clients love us

Testimonials & Reviews

Thorough check of our accounting records before filing of return by Team HBC has helped us to identify the technician and clerical flaws, which has positively impacted our Cashflows. Team HBC make us understand that VAT is not the change of 5% only, it is the change of way of doing Business. We feel in the era of VAT it is very important to understand and acknowledge this change.

Mr. Nick Kingston

From continuous day to day support, training to our Sales and Procurement department to 100% VAT check, our organization is very much benefited with their services. Being a Group of a Freezone and Mainland company, Team HBC support us to address and resolve technical and organizational issues related to VAT. Practical approach in their work always maintain the balance between the business operations and Law Implementation.

Mr. Amr

From the day Team Horizon Biz Consultancy has started providing VAT Consultancy to our group of companies, we were relaxed from everyday tension of VAT queries. Being a Real Estate developer we were eligible for VAT Refund. Team HBC had worked very precisely to which we were granted Refund with minimalistic queries. Horizon Biz Consultancy is 60 years old company in the field of Tax Consultancy in India and they leverage their expertise in Dubai very well.

Mr. Yogesh Doshi

Mrs. Vibha personally take care about each and every checks before filing of VAT Return which has very well helped our organization to overcome lot of clerical errors. We can say our team is still getting trained everyday even after one year of implementation of VAT.

Mr. Kirit Bhatt

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