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Horizon Biz Consultancy as a team of expert business valuation consultants understands the evolving nature of modern businesses, with many seeking to attain a higher valuation level and eventually selling to relevant buyers. As such, the need for valuation services is increasing, with more and more organizations turning to valuation companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the wider region. Our company valuation consultants play a crucial role in providing clear views on business or share value, which is essential for making well-informed business decisions, whether for acquisition, disposal, borrowing or lending purposes.

With extensive cross-industry experience as a certified valuation analyst in valuing businesses and shares, Horizon Biz Consultancy is well-positioned to conduct valuation exercises tailored to your specific requirements. Our team adopts pertinent methodologies and a logical approach to arrive at our recommendation, ensuring that you receive accurate and reliable valuations that meet your needs in the prevailing business environment.

Business Valuation UAE Services

We provide comprehensive business valuation services in the UAE to help you make informed business decisions. Our expert team uses advanced methodologies and a logical approach to accurately determine the value of your business.

In either of these scenarios, we put our best foot forward and deliver a clear picture that helps our client gain an edge in negotiations. We offer a unique methodology and approach towards each case as a reliable Business Valuation Service Provider UAE.

  • UAE Company Valuation Services for Mergers
  • Company Valuation Services for Acquisitions
  • Company Valuation Services for Takeovers

Our Business Valuation services in the UAE help company founders and management determine the actual worth of their company. With extensive experience in cross-industry valuation, we provide you with a clear understanding of your business’s value, helping you make informed business decisions giving you added leverage during investor or sale negotiations.

Business Valuation for Free Zone Companies

If you’re a Free Zone company in the UAE, we can provide you with accurate company valuations. Our valuation experts will analyze your business’s financials, market trends, competitors and other strategic factors to determine the true worth of your company, enabling you to make better strategic decisions.

Business Valuation for Mainland Companies

For mainland companies in the UAE, our Business Valuation services provide a comprehensive analysis of your company’s value. We take into account various factors such as insights pertaining to your business model, financial performance, and market conditions to provide you with an accurate valuation report.

Business Valuation for Offshore Companies

We offer business valuation services for offshore companies in the UAE. Our experts use a systematic approach to determine the value of your company, taking into account various factors such as local regulations, regulations of home company, assets, liabilities, market trends, and financial performance.

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Gain Clarity and Get Leverage with Horizon’s Business Valuation Services Dubai

Your company’s value is critical in determining your business strategies. Horizon Biz Consultancy offers Business Valuation services in Dubai that can help business owners achieve a reasonable price when exchanging their business, reduce financial risks for management, and more.

Our team can help you navigate this process by providing accurate and reliable company valuation services. Our Business Valuation services provide a better understanding of your company’s assets, resale value, and true value.

With our extensive experience in valuing businesses across industries, we use pertinent methodologies and a logical approach to arrive at a well-informed recommendation for your specific needs and the prevailing business environment.

Trust Horizon Biz Consultancy to provide you with accurate and reliable Business Valuation services in Dubai.

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To ascertain current enterprise/equity value before mergers, acquisitions, investments, partnerships, raising finance, settling disputes, or during shareholder changes.

We utilize globally accepted standards like discounted cash flow method, comparative business models, asset-based approach, and real options theory as applicable.

Key factors are financial health, profitability, growth prospects, managerial capability, market reputation, infrastructure, liabilities, working capital, and intangibles.

Yes, we are experienced in valuing companies across all stages, and even provide pre-revenue valuations using specific models designed for startups.


Certainly, our team can conduct valuation optimization consulting to enhance processes, reporting, planning and growth opportunities.


Our detailed valuation report covers methodology, financial analysis, peer benchmarks, value derivation, insights, and expert recommendations.


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