Streamline Business Success with Outsourced Accounting Services in Dubai

At Horizon Biz Consultancy, we offer top-notch accounting and advisory services in Dubai, UAE. Our team of highly skilled chartered accountants is committed to providing paramount quality account and financial record maintenance to significantly reduce your administrative burden and financial costs.

With our expert services, our partners can concentrate on core risk areas and improve company performance while responding flexibly to growing business and accounting requirements in UAE. As a renowned accounting firm in Dubai, we take care of your distinct financial needs and ensure that your businesses strategize better and scale new heights.

Our proficient chartered accountants in UAE are well-versed in manifold aspects of accounting and finance, making your company accounts safe in our hands. You can rely on us for accurate accounting services and use your valuable time on other significant areas of your business. Trust us to handle your accounting needs with precision and expertise.


Experienced Account Outsourcing Services Dubai

Outsourced accounting services when offered by a local Tax Consultancy firm such as Horizon Biz Consultancy can not only help your business in UAE save time, reduce costs but also improve financial management processes while enabling compliance protocols. Our Outsourced Accounting Services Include


We help you maintain accurate records of your monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual financial transactions, including sales, purchases, receipts, and payments. In addition, we prepare meticulous financial statements, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Bank Reconciliation

We ensure that your company’s financial records are accurate and up-to-date, and that all transactions have been properly recorded. We also help identify any discrepancies or errors, such as missing or duplicate transactions, which can be corrected to avoid potential problems in the future.

Accounts Receivable Management

We help you streamline the process of invoicing, tracking payments, and collecting outstanding balances from customers so your cash inflows improve greatly.

Accounts Payable Management

We also assist you in streamlining the process of paying bills and other expenses, including vendor management, invoice processing, and payment processing and help you reduce the risk of errors so you can optimize your cash outflows.

Payroll Management

This includes managing employee compensation, including calculating salaries and taxes, processing payroll, and managing employee benefits. Horizon Biz Consultancy assists you with managing this process efficiently and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Management Accounting or MIS Reporting

Performance reports are thoroughly evaluated of different departments to design and enable effective internal controls within the organization with the fulfilment of strategic objectives. It fosters strategic decision-making from the management.

Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Reporting

At Horizon, we help you analyze your financial data, derive insights, make streamlined budgets while preparing and consolidating reports to help you make informed business decisions. This can include preparing financial statements, budgets, forecasts, analysing MIS logs and other reports.

Tax Compliance

Our team takes your tax obligations seriously. We assist you every step of the way to prepare and file VAT and other corporate tax returns, manage tax payments, and comply with local tax regulations. In addition, we also support you to claim VAT rebates and assist you with the process.

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At Horizon Biz Consultancy, we offer both Onsite Accounting Services and Online Accounting Services for our clients.

Onsite Accounting Services

Onsite accounting outsourcing is a hybrid model between outsourcing and insourcing, where the client has the opportunity to utilize complex competencies of an outsourcing accounting and payroll provider, and the specialist providing the services can also be integrated in the client’s own organization and culture to an extent.

Online Accounting Services

Online accounting services or Virtual Accounting Services work great for Small Medium Businesses when it comes to effectively managing your Finance, Accounting, and bookkeeping activities without incurring enormous costs of maintaining in-house departments. Horizon Biz Consultancy offers you the same output and accuracy as an in-house accounting and finance department.

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Outsourced accounting characteristics: 1) It saves you time, 2) You get regular business profitability advice, 3)You have peace of mind that your finances are handled, 4) Your tax liability is reduced, 5) You can make more proactive financial decisions 6) Taken care professionally.

Yes, Maintaining the books of accounts and necessary supporting relevant records of businesses are highly essential requirements for efficient management and control of the business operations. This may facilitate the right receipt and payment of money and other transactions entered by the corporate. Hence accounts maintenance in UAE is compulsory. It is mandatory for the businesses to take care of the books of accounts for a minimum of 5 years in accordance with the Federal Law No 2 of 2015 on Commercial Companies and therefore the UAE VAT law and relevant free port laws.

Not really, but we can say that startups will chose Outsource Accounting instead of an employees. Yes, If you have a company than you can do the bookkeeping/accounting yourself but ask your self what else can be done with the time that you will be doing the accounting tasks. Can you be more productive towards your company and invest this time to help it get some traction and scale? When a business owner is no longer able to be involved in every aspect of a business, that is when the business begins to need more than bookkeeping. Most bookkeepers only know how to handle billing, collections, payroll, deposits, VAT, bank account reconciliation and basic financial statements. If you want to grow more with years of experiences, you definitely need to hire an outsourced accounting company which is having professionals.

Outsourcing of accounting services refers to the process where an expert accounting firm such as us can manage your company’s routine finance and accounts processes on a regular basis. It includes such activities as bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll, tax compliance, audits and much more. We take it as our duty to provide your enterprise with its own full-time in-house finance department at only a fraction of the cost.

Mostly people prefer outsourcing their accounts departments since they are looking to save money; also there is access to trained accountants where companies may not have that capacity internally; by outsourcing non-core activities which include accounting businesses will be able enhance their compliance levels thereby improving the quality of financial reports that can be generated from these numbers. Our charges are reasonable and we are open about our pricing thus making us accessible even to small-scale entrepreneurs who need experienced professionals in managing their finances.

The first step in this process is understanding your business and needs so that you can be assigned a qualified accountant. We develop procedures for example book-keeping, final accounts preparations, salary administration bank reconciliation etc based on what is needed by you. By using Xero or QuickBooks Online software among others, we can carry out your accounting work smoothly while you concentrate on other important things associated with your organization and running it successfully.

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