Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in UAE

Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in UAE

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If you’re a female entrepreneur, the United Arab Emirates is the place to be. That’s because the country offers greater gender equality than any other country in the region. And women entrepreneurs are noticing because now, more than ever before, women are taking advantage of the growing opportunities for business owners in the UAE. Keep reading to find out why the future is female for business setup in UAE.

Why Women Should Make the Move to UAE?

Female entrepreneurship has seen massive growth in the UAE over the years. There are even certain sectors where women are completely leading the way. Around the world, the E-commerce and technology sector are male-dominated field, but not in the UAE! In the Middle East and North American region, 35% of tech entrepreneurs are now women. So, not only are women getting ahead in some fields, but there’s plenty of support and initiatives to help them get to the top and stay there.

Starting your own company is unquestionably a big step. Even the most determined entrepreneurs struggle and take their time when deciding on a business concept. However, it is not something to be concerned about. Before making a decision, the best way to approach this step is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What you need out of the business?
  • What you’re passionate about?
  • What are your skills and weaknesses?
  • What would you like to learn doing?
  • How much time free time do you have?

Business Ideas for Women 

If you want to start your own business and become an entrepreneur, finding the right business idea is the first step. We’ve compiled a list of small business ideas for women like you. You can choose the one that you believe is the best fit for you.

1). Food Business

If you’re used to getting compliments on your cooking abilities, you should think about starting a food-related business. A tiffin service is one of the most popular small business ideas for women. There are numerous platforms available that allow home chefs to reach a larger audience. Family recipes, traditional cuisines, and simple home-style meals are in high demand.

To begin, create a WhatsApp list of friends and family who constantly ask you to make this or that dish for them, inform them that you are going it alone, and let word of mouth do the rest. If catering food isn’t your thing, you could just document your enthusiasm for it. It’s a fantastic business idea for a stay-at-home mom with a lot of cooking ideas. Instagram is brimming with celebrity home chefs who are reaping the benefits of their culinary prowess.

2). Boutique or Clothing Business

Women are catching on to the clothing industry pattern. Many women began their companies from home with a small investment. Any visionary, innovative people launched their own apparel lines. Many small business prospects exist in the garment sector. Depending on your investment, you may start with a basic printed apparel store or create your own clothing brand. About the fact that Dubai has so many boutiques that the competition is saturated. Even so, there is still a market for attractive, exclusive, and fashionable clothing at a reasonable price.

Dubai being the commercial capital of the world, consumers are increasing day by day. Hence, if you have a passion for fashion, you will quickly be able to find a niche for yourself in a short time. And start making a profit. The boutique or clothing business can also be done online all you need for that is an E-commerce license and you are all set.

3). Event Planner

If you enjoy planning family get-togethers or simply enjoy planning, an event planning and management agency could be your next profitable business idea. If you’re serious about starting this business in Dubai, you’ll need excellent organizational, managerial, and planning skills to run the agency. To keep your customers, you must provide a reliable, on-time, and dependable service, just as you would with any other business.

To make your business legal, you should get an event management license. It is a plus if you have a bachelor’s degree in events management or a related field, but it is not required.

4). Freelancing

Freelance jobs are one of the best business ideas because you work when you want with unlimited earning potential! Your skills may be one of the following:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social media
  • Design tech
  • Copywriting
  • Customer Service, etc.

The art of writing for money and acting on one’s own and not for a business or organization is known as freelance writing. Freelance authors operate from home or from rented office space to produce written text that their clients need. The majority of freelance writers set their rates based on the amount of work they would have to do on the project.

If you’re a hardworking woman searching for companies with limitless earning opportunities, freelance employment is an excellent option. You will meet your financial targets by being flexible with your job hours and tasks. Join various freelance websites to look for work in your field of interest and submit applications for ventures that interest you. Famous freelance platforms such as FiverrUpworkPeoplePerHour, etc. provide a variety of freelance positions.

5). Photography & Videography

If you like photography & videography, it is a skill that can pay off handsomely. You may begin by purchasing a camera and related accessories. When you first start out in the industry, you’ll need to develop a portfolio. Photographs & Videos may be taken at marriages, parties, and other special occasions. Make use of social media to spread the word about your photography & videography. You will get compensated by submitting the photos to magazines or uploading them to websites.

However, bear in mind that not every picture or video you take would be flawless. It’s entirely likely that you’ll need to do some picture & video editing, for which there are several photo & Video editing programs on the market.

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