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The Complete Guide to Getting the Golden Visa in the UAE

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In 2019 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) introduced a residency permit known as the Golden Visa. This new and promising long term visa enables eligible foreigners to reside, work and pursue education in the UAE for a maximum of 10 years without requiring a sponsor.

The UAE authorities established the Golden Visa initiative with the aim of drawing in professionals, investors, innovators and students from corners of the globe. Their objective is to attract and retain talents of making meaningful contributions, to the ongoing progress and growth of the UAE.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explain everything you need to know about qualifying for the UAE Golden Visa.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa comes with several appealing benefits:

  • Get residency rights in the UAE for 10 years. This allows you to stay long-term without frequently renewing visas.
  • No need for a UAE national sponsor. You can live and work freely without relying on a sponsor’s permission.
  • Enter and exit the UAE anytime without pre-approvals. Travel in and out of the country with ease.
  • Sponsor visas for your family. Bring your spouse and children under 18 to live with you.
  • Work flexibly without restrictions on your job or sector. Change jobs without needing new approvals.
  • Low physical presence required. Only 1 day in the UAE every 6 months to keep visa valid.
  • Quick and straightforward application process compared to normal work visas.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Golden Visa?

The government has set different eligibility categories for the Golden Visa. The major applicant groups are:

  • Investors and Entrepreneurs: Those who have invested significantly in the UAE or own profitable local companies. Special talents may also qualify.
  • Scientists and Researchers: Experts with high qualifications who earn good salaries and have made major contributions.
  • Doctors and Healthcare Professionals: Licensed, experienced doctors in needed specialties with strong reputations.
  • Engineers, Artists, Authors: Pioneers in culture, art and design with international recognition.
  • Outstanding Students: Top graduates from prestigious institutions with high GPAs, rankings and achievements.

The goal is to attract accomplished individuals who excel in their fields.

Step-by-Step Application Process

Here is an overview of the key steps in applying for the Golden Visa:

  • Check that you meet the eligibility criteria for one of the approved categories.
  • Prepare all required documents like passport, photos, certificates and application form.
  • Submit your complete Golden Visa application digitally through the approved website.
  • Complete medical fitness tests at an authorized UAE health center.
  • Wait for approval from UAE immigration authorities after background checks.
  • Visit an ICA center to get your Golden Visa stamped in your passport once approved.

With accurate documents, you can obtain approval in 4-6 weeks typically. Fees are around AED 2600.

Common Questions About the Golden Visa

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • Validity Period: The Golden Visa is valid for 10 years initially, renewable for another decade.
  • Family Visas: You can sponsor your spouse and children below 18. Sometimes parents/in-laws also.
  • Age Limits: None, people of all ages can qualify if they meet requirements.
  • Local Sponsor: Not required for the Golden Visa. Grants residency without one.
  • Applying from Abroad: You can apply from overseas but must enter UAE within 90 days of approval.
  • Costs: Government fee is AED 2,657. Medical and consultancy charges may also apply.


In summary, the Golden Visa presents an excellent opportunity to live, work and study long-term in the UAE without needing a sponsor. If you have outstanding credentials, you have a strong chance of approval after applying. Let us know if you need any help getting your UAE Golden Visa!

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