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Designated Zones for Companies in UAE

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides a thriving business environment with multiple options for company establishment. Foreign investors can choose between setting up on mainland or in various specialized zones like free zones, tech hubs, financial clusters etc. based on their sector, objectives and needs.

This blog offers an in-depth look at all the major company setup zones in UAE. You will understand:

  • The different categories of zones and their unique advantages
  • Exactly how to select the ideal zone tailored to your business priorities
  • The step-wise process to seamlessly set up your company in the chosen zone

So whether you want to set up a new company or expand existing operations within UAE, read on for comprehensive guidance!

Types of Company Zones in the UAE

There are four main types of setup zones in UAE with distinct offerings:

1. Mainland or Onshore Company

Registering a company outside of special zones on the mainland or onshore UAE provides these benefits:

  • Access the wider national market beyond zones
  • No restrictions on business activities that can be conducted

However, there are key requirements and limitations:

  • Mandatory 51% Emirati ownership
  • Higher administrative costs and paperwork
  • Need for local service agent/sponsor

2. Free Zone Company

Free zones provide unmatched incentives like:

But there are limitations too:

Some top free zone examples: DAFZA, DMCC

3. Special Economic Company Zones

These zones cater to specific industries with customized offerings, for instance:

Benefits include:

4. Financial and Professional Services Zones

These zones exclusively house financial and consulting firms:

  • DIFC: Dubai International Financial Centre
  • ADGM: Abu Dhabi Global Market

They offer bespoke financial districts, regulations, human capital and infrastructure.

Perks include:

  • Strong legal framework with independent regulator
  • Competitive tax environment
  • Robust client confidentiality

How to Select the Right Zone

Consider these key aspects when choosing your ideal company setup zone in UAE:

Business Activity

Carefully assess whether you will be conducting trading, service-based activities or both. This shapes the type of license and free zone options open to your company.

For example, certain free zones may only allow trading or services, but not both. Some zones prohibit certain activities related to alcohol, tobacco etc.

Strategic Business Objectives

The zone you pick must align with crucial goals like:

  • Quick and seamless license approval
  • Access to talent pool and target markets
  • Expanding future operational capabilities
  • Maximizing tax savings
  • Availing other financial incentives

So ensure you get zone benefits that help meet key objectives.

Infrastructure and Location Considerations

Evaluate critical infrastructure requirements such as:

  • Grade A offices, co-working spaces
  • Advanced IT connectivity
  • Logistics facilities like storage, shipping

Also assess geographic proximity for ease of transporting goods, interacting with local distributors or accessing customers.

Overall Costs

Some zones permit 100% ownership and offer tax waivers but involve higher license fees, administrative costs and renewals. Others offer affordable packages.

So analyze all current and future costs:

  • License setup and renewals
  • Office rentals
  • HR costs like visas, accommodation

Thereafter pick the optimal zone aligning to your budget.

Step-by-Step Guide for Company Registration

Once you finalize the ideal zone for establishing your company, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare Relevant Documents

Collate all required incorporations documents as per zone guidelines. This includes:

  • Passport copies
  • Business activity proofs
  • Business plan/model
  • Financial projections
  • Proof of address/funds

Step 2: Submit Official Application

Submit license application to the zone authority with all documents.

Step 3: Get Initial Approval

The zone will initially review application before issuing provisional approval.

Step 4: Undergo Final Verification

Your business premise and documents will undergo final in-person verification.

Step 5: Obtain Trade License

After verification, the zone issues your official trade license to kickstart operations!

Our consultants support the entire hassle-free company formation journey.

Global Success Stories

Many global corporates chose the right UAE zones from the start, enabling massive regional expansion:

  • Amazon leveraged DAFZA early on due its logistics infrastructure and tax-free regime.
  • Facebook and Google partnered with Dubai Internet City to tap into MENA’s digital economy.
  • CitiBank and HSBC opted for DIFC for its advanced financial framework.

These examples showcase the immense growth possibilities the right UAE zone offers.


UAE provides a dynamic ecosystem for global businesses with its multiple zone options, investor-friendly policies and excellent infrastructure. Evaluating your sector, priorities and costs before finalizing the ideal zone is key. Partnering with a specialist further eases your entire setup journey. The time is now – take advantage of UAE’s immense opportunities today!


How can foreign investors achieve 100% ownership in UAE?

Free zones and special economic zones allow 100% overseas ownership without needing Emirati partners. Examples are DAFZA, DMCC and Dubai Internet City.

What are the main differences between mainland and free zone companies?

Mainland requires 51% local stake while free zones permit 100% foreign ownership. Free zones also offer more tax benefits, quicker processes and lower costs.

Is a local sponsor or service agent mandatory?

For mainland companies, appointing a UAE national service agent is required. Free zones have no local partner/sponsor requirements.

Can I relocate between free zones and mainland in future?

Yes, companies can request inter-zone transfers between free zones and mainland by applying through proper channels. Our experts assist with your relocation formalities.

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