Due Diligence Audit Services in Dubai 2021

Due Diligence Audit Services in Dubai

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Due diligence audits examine a company’s operations, finances, legal compliance, management, and more prior to a merger, acquisition or investment. These audits help uncover risks and liabilities to support informed deal-making in Dubai’s dynamic landscape.

What Are Due Diligence Audits?

Due diligence audits aim to thoroughly assess all factors that could impact an investment or acquisition decision. Auditors will:

  • Review documentation like licenses, contracts, financial statements, policies
  • Conduct interviews with management and staff on operations
  • Visit company facilities, warehouses, retail locations
  • Evaluate IP assets, agreements, cybersecurity
  • Assess compliance with regulations and contracts

The core goal is to uncover any material facts, issues, or concerns that could influence a deal investment decision to avoid any nasty surprises down the road!

Major Benefits of Due Diligence Audits in Dubai

Due diligence audits offer huge advantages for organizations eyeing investments in Dubai’s thriving commercial landscape:

Reduced Risk

Identifying any red flags or problems early allows buyers to better evaluate deals and negotiate terms to lower liabilities. This is vital given Dubai’s rapid growth and economic diversification introducing uncertainty. Thorough due diligence provides vital insight.

Assess Accuracy

Audits assess if the company’s financial statements reliably reflect its true market value and performance. This helps investors avoid inflated valuations or prices that overestimate worth.

Evaluate Operations

Reviewing operations, management processes and business practices highlights inefficiencies that can be improved post-acquisition to enhance performance.

Ensure Compliance

Assessing compliance status avoids nasty regulatory fines or legal disputes down the road. This is especially critical given Dubai’s strict regulatory environment covering areas like trade, safety standards, data and more. Audits confirm conformity.

Types of Due Diligence Audits in Dubai

There are a few different types of customized due diligence audits:

Financial Due Diligence

This evaluates financial records, statements and internal controls for misrepresentations or irregularities that impact valuations. Helps determine fair asset valuation.

Tax Due Diligence

Assesses historical tax filings and exposure to uncover unresolved tax obligations or liabilities. This is critical given Dubai’s evolving tax environment.

Operational Due Diligence

Analyzes the company’s operations, processes, productivity and staff performance to highlight inefficiencies. Helps buyers improve post-acquisition.

Legal Due Diligence

Checks contracts, permits, licenses, insurance coverage and compliance status while assessing potential litigation risks.

IP Due Diligence

Reviews patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and IP agreements to evaluate strengths and potential infringement risks. Confirms ownership rights.

The Step-By-Step Due Diligence Audit Process in Dubai

Due diligence audits in Dubai typically involve these key phases:


Auditors outline objectives, create detailed request checklists for information required and provide these to the company.

Document Review

Inspect licenses, contracts, policies, financial statements, tax filings etc. Assess accuracy and completeness.


Question management, staff on operations, processes, systems and more.

Site Visits

Tour company facilities, warehouses, stores and assess efficiency.

Analysis and Risk Assessment

Identify issues, reasonable valuations and potential deal-breaking liabilities.


Detail all findings with concrete supporting evidence and recommendations.

The process takes 4-8 weeks on average depending on size, industry and scope. Very extensive reviews may take a few months.

Choosing the Right Audit Firm in Dubai

Selecting the right due diligence partner is absolutely vital for deal success. Ideal audit firms in Dubai exhibit these key traits:

Knowledge of Laws and Regulations

Extensive expertise with Dubai’s vast regulatory framework across sectors and evolving landscape.

Prior Deal Experience

Successfully completed due diligence audits across industries to draw solid precedents when evaluating findings.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Finance, operations, legal, tax and technology specialists with diverse viewpoints.

Industry Expertise

Deep understanding of sector-specific norms, risks, supply chains and challenges.

Communication Skills

Clearly convey technical findings and recommendations to clients to enable smooth negotiations.

Cultural Alignment

Bridge perspectives across borders and business contexts by blending global expertise with local market understanding.


As Dubai continues to diversify its economy, due diligence audits enable organizations to thoroughly evaluate targets, mitigate risk, accurately value assets, and uncover performance improvements for the long-term. With an experienced audit partner well-versed in Dubai’s unique landscape, investors can execute deals confidently


How Long Do These Audits Take in Dubai?

Most take 4-8 weeks but very extensive reviews may span a few months depending on size, industry intricacies and scope.

What is the Cost Range?

Costs vary based on the company size, sector complexity, audit team and time frame. However, they often range from $50,000 to $150,000 USD.

What Documents are Required?

Auditors will request licenses, policies, contracts, financial statements, tax filings, management reports and other materials needed to thoroughly assess the company.

Can Issues Uncovered Stop a Deal?

Yes, buyers can withdraw or renegotiate deals based on material adverse findings that surface during due diligence



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