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Three Important Things to Know About Logging into EmaraTax with UAE Pass in 2024

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Understanding the EmaraTax System

EmaraTax is the online portal managed by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) that allows companies to easily complete important tax tasks. Let’s explore this system in more detail:

The FTA is the government department responsible for administering tax laws. Through EmaraTax, they have created a centralized hub for all tax services. This makes compliance convenient for businesses of all sizes.

Within EmaraTax, companies can register for tax licenses, file regular provisional and annual returns, generate payment slips, view filing history, check refund status and more – all from one dashboard.

By centralizing these functions online, the FTA aims to create transparency and streamline the process. It has made compliance simple with user-friendly features available 24/7 from any device with an internet connection.

The Logging In Procedure

Logging into EmaraTax is now only possible through UAE Pass. Let’s review the different scenarios step-by-step:

  1. Matching Emails:
  • Open
  • Click ‘Login with UAE Pass’
  • Enter ID details > Automatically logged into EmaraTax dashboard
  1. Non-Matching Emails:
  • Login to UAE Pass
  • Enter registered EmaraTax email
  • OTP sent to email to link accounts
  • Automatically directed to EmaraTax
  1. New EmaraTax Users:
  • Login to UAE Pass
  • Click ‘No’ when asked to link
  • EmaraTax account created using UAE Pass details
  • Automatically logged into new EmaraTax account

It’s wise to check FTA guidelines regularly for any updates. Tax consultants can assist with login difficulties too. Clear instructions ensure a hassle-free login process.

Common Problems and Solutions

Let’s look at some frequently faced issues and their fixes:

Mismatched Emails:

  • Double check emails entered match registered details

Forgotten Passwords:

  • Click ‘Forgot Password?’ to reset using OTP

2FA Problems:

  • Ensure authentication app is updated

Network Errors:

  • Switch to a reliable WiFi network or mobile data

Contact FTA:

  • Provide ID proof to update email if lost access

Staying informed of potential errors helps troubleshoot issues smoothly. Professional assistance is also available for persistent technical glitches.

Important Tax Compliance Dates

Maintaining these key dates will help avoid penalties:

Sep-Dec 2023:

  • Final 2022 quarterly and annual return filing

Jan-Apr 2024:

  • 1st to 3rd quarter 2023 provisional filing

May 2024:

  • Filing of consolidated 2023 annual return

Throughout 2024:

Watch for FTA announced maintenance periods. Leave adequate time for filings to prevent last minute rush. Compliance calendar management is crucial for continued business operations.


In conclusion, getting familiar with logging into the EmaraTax system through UAE Pass and staying updated on the procedure is important for any business to smoothly fulfil its tax obligations in the coming years.

While the centralised online portal and single sign-on facility through UAE Pass makes the compliance process quite simple and hassle-free, it’s still feasible that some issues may come up during login or use of the platform. Understanding the common problems and having the right contacts to address them is crucial.

Equally key is keeping track of all important tax calendar dates for provisions like returns filing and payments. Making submissions well in time avoids penalties. The FTA’s commitment to supporting taxpayers through initiatives like announcement of maintenance periods ensures glitch-free compliances.

For any new or existing EmaraTax user, following the standard steps for creating an account linked to their UAE Pass ID lays the groundwork for convenient access. Maintaining key login details and verifying them periodically also helps encounter any barriers smoothly.

Overall, a combination of advance knowledge, preparedness for potential technical difficulties and awareness of timelines backed by guidance from experts provides the perfect platform for businesses to take full advantage of EmaraTax’s digital services with confidence and success. Looking ahead, familiarizing teams and stakeholders with this process will serve all well come 2024.


Q1. What if I lost my registered IDs?

Contact FTA helpdesk for email update using ID details.

Q2. How do I create a new EmaraTax account?

Follow scenario 3 during UAE Pass login.

Q3. Managing multiple business accounts?

Link each additional account separately in scenario 2.

Q4. Is UAE Pass login compulsory?

Yes, it is now the sole authentication method for EmaraTax access.

Q5. What login details do I need?

Have your emirates ID, registered mobile and emails ready at all times.



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