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Why and How to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai?

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Opening a separate bank account for your company is an important step when setting up operations in Dubai. It helps you keep your business finances organized and manage transactions smoothly. 

But the process of opening a corporate bank account here can get confusing with all the rules and documents required. This comprehensive guide will simplify it for you.

Why Should You Open a Business Account?

Here are the key benefits of having a dedicated bank account for your Dubai company:

Separate Personal and Business Funds

  • Keeps your personal and company finances separate
  • Easier to track business incomes and expenses
  • Simplified accounting and auditing

Receive Client Payments  

Pay Vendors and Staff

  • Pay suppliers, freelancers, and employee salaries conveniently 

Access Financing 

Gain Credibility 

  • Boosts perception amongst clients, vendors and partners  

In short, it brings structure, transparency and credibility to your company’s financial operations.

Choosing the Right Bank 

With numerous banks in Dubai offering corporate accounts, here are key aspects to consider when selecting one:

Services Offered

  • Digital banking ease and accessibility 
  • Integrated payments solutions like payment gateways
  • Trade finance services- letters of credit, guarantees etc. 

Fees and Charges

  • Account opening and monthly maintenance charges
  • Cash handling and money transfer fees   

Size of Network

  • Number of branches and geographic coverage
  • Access to global banking partners 

Some of the most reputed banks for business accounts include:  

  • Emirates NBD
  • Mashreq  
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • ADCB 
  • DIB
  • HSBC 

Do your research to find one that best suits your business activity and needs.

Documents Required for Opening an Account  

Banks in UAE need to follow strict KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines set by the central bank. So you have to submit certain documents when applying for a corporate bank account in Dubai:

  • Valid business license copy   
  • Passport copies of shareholders/directors/authorized signatories  
  • Proof of company address like rent agreement or utility bill  
  • Board resolution letter for account opening
  • Details of business activities 
  • Expected account transactions 
  • Source of funds for the business

Banks may request additional details and paperwork. Having everything ready will help speed up the processing.

Step-by-Step Process of Getting Your Account

Follow these key steps for smooth corporate bank account opening in Dubai:

Step 1: Choose Your Bank

Do research to pick 1-2 banks best suited for your needs as discussed earlier.

Step 2: Prepare Documents

Collect all KYC papers, licenses, forms etc. required by the bank well in advance. 

Step 3: Account Opening Application  

Approach your chosen bank and fill out the corporate account opening form. Submit it along with the prepared documents.

Step 4: Account Activation

The bank will verify all information and activate your business bank account within 2-4 weeks in most cases.

And you’re all set! 

Helpful Recommendations

Follow these tips for maintaining your new corporate bank account effectively:

  • Negotiate fee waivers and minimum balance if possible 
  • Sign up for online/mobile banking for easier transactions
  • Link payment gateways to collect client payments seamlessly 
  • Ensure proper bookkeeping and maintain audit trails

This will help you stay organized as your business grows.


Opening a dedicated corporate bank account brings structure and transparency to your company’s financial flows in Dubai. By choosing the right bank, getting paperwork ready upfront, and following the application process outlined here, you can have your business account opened quickly. Maintaining proper accounts and leveraging digital banking facilities will further aid efficient funds management.


What documents do free zone companies need?

Free zone companies need license copies, shareholder passport copies, directors’ data pages, tenancy contracts, details of business activities, and other standard KYC documents. Requirements may vary across different banks.

How long does it take to open a corporate bank account in Dubai?

It typically takes between 2-4 weeks for business account activation after submitting all documents. The bank’s compliance team has to perform verification checks before approving account opening.

What are the costs involved in opening and maintaining a business account?

Banks usually charge an account opening fee starting from AED 500. There are also monthly maintenance charges starting from AED 250-500 depending on services opted for. Minimum balance requirements, cash deposit/withdrawal fees also apply. Check fee charts.

Can freelancers/sole proprietors also open a corporate account?

Yes, banks offer corporate accounts with individual names too. But the account holder must have a valid UAE residence visa endorsed for self-employment or freelancing activities. Extra documents may be needed.

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