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UAE Announced New Remote Working Residency Visa for all Nationalities

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced an exciting new visa that allows people from all over the world to live and work remotely from the UAE. This remote work visa offers a life-changing opportunity for many professionals to work from their dream destination.

Remote Work Visa With aims to attract talents and expertise from all over the world, the UAE cabinet approved a new Remote Work Visas cheme to enable employees from all over the world to work remotely from the UAE. The one-year visa allows foreigners to enter the UAE under self-sponsorship and work in line with terms and conditions issued with the visa.

What is the UAE Remote Work Visa?

The UAE remote work visa allows people to live in the UAE while working remotely for companies based in other countries. Key features include:

Until now, most UAE visas required having a local employer sponsor you. This new visa changes the game completely for remote workers.

Why is This Visa a Huge Win for Remote Workers?

The remote work visa is a game-changer for several reasons:

You Can Live in the UAE Without a Local Job

The biggest benefit is that this visa allows you to live in the UAE while working for an overseas employer, clients or your own company. You do not need a job based in the UAE or local sponsorship.

It Opens Up the UAE Lifestyle

This visa lets remote professionals access the UAE’s high quality of life. You can work from world-class co-working spaces and still enjoy the beaches, nightlife, restaurants, malls and overall infrastructure.

Flexible Eligibility

Eligibility is flexible – open to remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads from various fields. There are no age limits or educational requirements.

Can Bring Your Family

The remote worker can sponsor their spouse and children up to 18 years old. Even parents can be sponsored in some cases.

Renewable for Up to 3 Years

You can stay in the UAE for up to 3 years renewable without needing employment there. This long duration is game-changing.

Who Can Apply for the UAE Remote Work Visa?

The eligibility criteria are:

  • Employed Remotely: Should have an active employment contract with an overseas company that allows remote working. Freelancers should have proof of work/clients.
  • Monthly Income Requirement: You should earn a minimum monthly income, which varies based on nationality but is not very high.
  • Clean Police Verification Report: No criminal record in home country or elsewhere.
  • Health/Travel Insurance: Valid insurance covering your stay duration.

As long as you meet the above criteria, you can apply regardless of your age, employment status, nationality or educational qualifications.

How Does the Application Process Work?

The application process for the remote work visa is completely online:

  • Documents Required: Employment contract, client contracts, pay slips, insurance etc.
  • Apply Online: Visit approved typing centers to upload documents and submit application.
  • Approval: If your documents are in order, approval usually comes through in 2-4 weeks.
  • Visa Stamping: You can enter UAE once to get medical testing and get your visa stamped.
  • Cost: The visa fees are very affordable compared to other UAE visas.
  • Renewing: You can renew the remote work visa yearly for up to 3 years total.

Why is the UAE an Amazing Place for Remote Workers?

The UAE offers an outstanding environment for remote professionals:

  • Infrastructure: World-class amenities, connectivity, power supply, efficient services.
  • Co-working Spaces: Many spaces catering specifically to remote workers.
  • Safety and Stability: Very low crime rates and highly stable political environment.
  • Lifestyle: Vibrant nightlife, entertainment, shopping, beaches, restaurants.
  • Lower Costs: Reasonable living costs compared to Europe/USA. No income tax.

Experience the Fascinating Mix of Old and New in the UAE

Living in the UAE gives you the chance to soak in its unique blend of ultra-modern metropolises and traditional Arabic culture.

Some of the marvels you can experience:

  • Iconic skylines with the world’s tallest skyscrapers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Man-made islands and other engineering marvels.
  • Massive shopping malls with indoor ski slopes and aquariums!
  • Stunning desert landscapes with sand dunes stretching for miles.
  • Camel rides, dune bashing, stargazing in the desert.
  • Experience the Arabic culture – food, music, architecture.
  • Luxurious resorts with amazing dining and leisure facilities.


The UAE remote work visa offers an incredible chance to legally live and work from the UAE for 1-3 years for remote professionals worldwide. The process is easy and you can even bring your family.

If you ever dreamed of being a digital nomad in an exotic and vibrant country like the UAE, there has never been a better time to apply. Living amidst the magical mix of ultramodern cityscapes and Arabic traditions in the UAE is an unforgettable experience.


How much is the minimum monthly income requirement?

The minimum monthly income requirement is not very high, around $2500. But it varies based on your nationality.

Can I renew the remote work visa after 3 years?

No, you can only renew it for up to 3 years total. But you may be able to switch to other UAE long-term residence visas.

Do I need a return ticket to enter the UAE?

Yes, you need a return flight ticket to enter the UAE on arrival even with the remote work visa.

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