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The Ultimate 4-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Small Business in Dubai

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Dubai offers an unparalleled landscape of opportunities for entrepreneurs globally. However, expanding your startup or setting up a new company in Dubai requires navigating through regulations around business structuring, licensing, taxation and more based on your activities.

This comprehensive 4-step guide covers everything you need to know for successfully setting up your small business in Dubai.

Step 1: Choose the Right Business Structure

The foundation for any new business is determining the ideal structure that aligns with your ownership, activity, and growth goals:

Mainland Company

Free Zone Company

Offshore Company

Evaluate factors like ownership freedom, taxation rules, target market accessibility and activity scope to decide which business structure suits you best.

Step 2: Gain Clarity on Licenses and Permissions

Every business operating in Dubai must be registered and licensed as per its core activities. The main license types are:

Trade License

Professional License

  • For practicing regulated professional services
  • Applicable for sectors like healthcare, education, media, technical services etc.

The exact documents, eligibility criteria and application process varies depending on:

  • License type
  • Business activity classification
  • Concerned Free Zone or Government Department

Certain sectors also require additional Dubai permits over the trade/professional license before you can offer products or services.

Once licensed, you must formally register your small business with:

  • Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Dubai Tax Department (DTD)
  • Other relevant federal and local authorities

This completes the legal business incorporation process while also enabling benefits like:

Also understand your tax liabilities based on the business structure and activity to remain legally compliant. This is done through proper bookkeeping, invoicing, financial reporting and submitting tax returns.

Step 4: Find the Best Location and Services

Identify a commercially viable location tailored for your operations through:

  • Business centers, coworking spaces and incubators
  • Leased office spaces or retail outlets in free zones or mainland areas
  • Logistics facilities like warehouses, workshops etc. based on activities

Optimize costs without compromising growth by leveraging incentives like:

  • Discounted license fees
  • Lower utility deposits or connection fees
  • Collateral-free loans with subsidized interest rates
  • Flexible visa options for owners and staff

Also tap consultants like Horizon Biz for expert end-to-end assistance with business setup right from feasibility analysis, to legal formalities and beyond.


By following this comprehensive 4-step guide, you can ensure your small business setup in Dubai hits the ground running. Partnering with a reliable consultancy also makes the process smooth, cost-effective and compliant. Contact Horizon Biz to make your entrepreneurial vision a thriving reality in the Dubai market.


What are the main company structures to choose from for business setup in Dubai?

The three main structures are Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore companies. Each have different rules for ownership, taxes, activities etc.

What is the process to get a trade license or professional license in Dubai?

The process for getting a business license involves selecting the right license type, preparing the required documents, choosing the registering authority, submitting the application and awaiting approval.

How can I ensure my small business remains legally compliant in Dubai?

Stay legally compliant by understanding and adhering to all the regulations and laws applicable to your business structure and activity. Maintain proper books, file timely tax returns, submit audits etc.

What kind of assistance do consultants like Horizon Biz offer for company setup?

Consultants like Horizon Biz offer end-to-end assistance – from planning and registrations to post-licensing services. This includes feasibility analysis, legal advice, PRO services, visa assistance and more.

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