CFO Outsourcing Services Dubai for Startups

CFO Outsourcing Services Dubai for Startups

What is CFO Outsourced Service?

  • This is accomplished by outsourcing the tasks that are normally performed by CFO(Chief Financial Officer) to a highly qualified and experienced professional who is not an employee of the company.
  • It is referred as Virtual, as most of the tasks are performed offsite though modern means of communications combined with specific hours to be spent at company site.
  • This is in the nature of Business Process Outsourcing services which is very commonly practiced in most places and evolving in Dubai or UAE.
  • This arrangement achieves services of Highly qualified and experienced professional but at a fraction of the cost.

Who can Hire Outsourced CFO?

  • You’re an entrepreneur. Your business is taking off and you have a lot of balls in the air – you simply don’t have enough time for budgeting, forecasting, and analyzing financial results;
  • You run a small to midsized business. You know your customers and your services and/or products inside and out, but you’re less focused on dissecting the financial side of the business. As a result, you sometimes make decisions based on instinct instead of financial data and other objective inputs;
  • You’ve raised some venture capital to expand your business and you need to update your investors about profit margins, customer acquisition costs, and other key performance indicators, but you’re not sure how to put that together.
  • Your business has been getting along with a one-person finance department, and that person just gave two-weeks’ notice. While you have a bookkeeper, you don’t fully understand the financial statements they prepare. You’ve been feeling like you could use more in terms of financial planning and analysis but you’re not really sure what you need.
  • The business is not performing as well as you think it should. An objective third party can help you understand where it is falling short and where the action is required.

Successful CFO is expected to partner with business owners and other managers in making critical decisions. This directly impacts the success of your business, whether you need a seasoned CFO expert in UAE to provide advisory or interim CFO service or support for critical projects. We can provide the leadership and right actions to generate the results you need.

It is important for any CFO to first properly study the goal of any business before making any suggestions on money management. An expert financial officer in Dubai UAE will provide different strategies to make the company more profitable after looking at all the possible perspectives. For example, an entrepreneur who wants to attract more sponsors will need a different strategy from a brand that is trying to expand its product range.

CFO or Chief Financial Officer, is a service that strives to provide highly skilled and professional assistance regarding all types of financial requirements a company or organization may face. All businesses have a single common objective – to improve profitability. Without the high-level expertise from a finance expert, management may not be able to carry out the analysis that is necessary for a deep understanding of what drives the bottom line. Our CFO outsourcing service will help you boost profitability and efficiencies for your business.

When will you need a Outsourced CFO?

  • You are distracted from revenue generating activities by finance and administrative issues
  • Investors require more professionalism in handling the financial aspects of the business
  • The business is ready to expand does not have the expertise in-house to prepare and present its case to potential investors
  • The business is experiencing exceptionally challenging times, necessitating assistance with evaluating strategic options and discussing financing options with existing or new partners
  • The financial systems, processes, and controls are insufficient – or the business is not able to manage tax planning
  • When you require better, faster financial information for decision-making, investor reporting and meeting regulatory requirements
  • You are not feeling confident enough about the future of the business finances
  • When you are making new products, generating new offers, when you are planning to attract a different market, or when you are creating a partnership with a different business

How Horizon Biz Consultancy can help You?

We will engage with you as your strategic partner on an ongoing basis to help manage the finance department and to grow your business. We strive to improve processes with better financial reports. Our CFO outsourcing services will provide continuous cash flow forecasting. Our CFO experts will guide and discuss the suggested strategies to help the decision makers get a clearer picture of possible outcomes. We will also highlight potential impacts on your profits and cash flow based on these decisions.

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