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UAE has seen tremendous increase and expansion in no. of businesses in last few years. A business is built on several pillars. It is management, production or service, accounting, and sales function. These functions are a core part in maintaining a business and help to grow and expand. One such pillar is accounting and finance.

It becomes important for business to keep records of all financial and accounting transactions occurring in day to day business cycle. Such record keeping of transactions will give a clear picture regarding the financial soundness and stability of the business. If you already have an establishment or you are planning for one, then accounting and finance function is one of the key element you should plan.

Recording day to day transactions or keeping track of small finance activities may consume more time and energy. It becomes tedious and can grab a lot of management’s time that might hamper them from devoting such time to other important aspects. Also if you appoint additional staff for doing the same, you need to nurture additional employment as well. So here accounting outsourcing Dubai services come into picture.

Outsourcing refers to paying a third-party service provider to perform one or multiple different business tasks in order to keep the busy fully operational. While there are several different operations and functions that can be outsourced today, one of the most common is accounting. This is done to keep pace along with the growing economy of the country and to comply with the legal requirements and to compete with the businesses.

Outsource Accounting services Dubai helps companies to focus on high leverage areas by best utilizing their resources instead of using them for executing the clerical task. To outsource accounting is apt requirement for startups, SME’s and corporates in UAE, as they can get quality work at the efficient cost.

With the VAT getting implemented, it is equally important for business owners to maintain correct accounting records to prove authenticity of business transactions, whenever asked by FTA authority.

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Why outsource your Accounting:


For Management

– 30-60% cost optimization in Finance, Admin and HR department

– More focus on revenue generation/business

– Less time to manage team

– Up to date managerial reports/Business Intelligence reports for decision making

– High accuracy

– Expert’s assistance

– Improved efficiency and productivity

– Access to latest technology/software for accounts without spending money


Top Line

– Focus on generating more revenue / acquiring more business

– Spend less time in hiring and managing accounts team

– Get up to date management reports for futuristic decisions


Mid-level and executive level

– Up to 60% cost optimization in back-office management

– Smooth execution of routine operations

– Qualitative accounting reports


Bottom Line

– Upto 60% reduction in back-office management cost

– Smooth execution of day to day operations

– Get best quality accounting reports prepared by professionals


We add value to clients Business with:

  • Highly acknowledged Professional Team
  • Acknowledged with Accounting & Legislative updated
  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Multi-layer Maker checker system
  • Abiding by Professional Ethics

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