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Outsourced CFO Services for Business in the UAE

A CEO of any business usually lacks enough time to focus on improving the financial and accounting operations and outcomes. They need to thoroughly focus on driving and building direct sources of revenue for the company through sales, marketing and product development. As Accounting and Finance is a crucial aspect of running and maintaining any business, the CEO needs to delegate these functions to the Chief Financial Officer when the senior accountant does not prove enough to make decisions and manage financial affairs of the company.

However, not all businesses at this stage can afford a full time CFO who can drive the key financial strategies of the business like capital finance, investments, risk management and streamlining existing processes for smoother operations. That’s where Horizon Biz Consultancy UAE comes in. As part of CFO services for small business or CFO services for startups we offer you Outsourced CFO Services where our expert team of qualified CFOs offers you valuable insights and recommendations related to regulatory compliance, expenditure optimization and creating high ROI from your revenue streams.

What Does an Outsourced CFO Do?

An outsourced CFO from Horizon leverages his industry expertise, financial reporting standards and a strategic knowledge to share suggestions that will make your company perform better. In addition, our strategic outsourced CFO services UAE help you identify burning opportunity areas in your business model and operations, audit the current business processes and support you with a realistic and optimized future plan for your company.

The outsourced CFO performs these tasks and much, much more.

At Horizon Biz Consultancy our outsourced CFO and accounting services leverage the technical expertise and experience of our in-house financial experts. We give your business a superior edge with flexibility and adaptability. In addition, we ensure the client’s targeted strategic outcomes are achieved within estimated deadlines.

As expert outsourced CFO services in Dubai today, we strongly recommend having streamlined cash flow management in place. With our CFO consulting services, clients benefit from the insight of a full team of certified accountants, and risk managers collaborating to ensure the success of your business.

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