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Financial management is one of the crucial department in your company that has the power to either make or break your business. Chief financial officer (CFO) heads the accounting and finance department of a company and is responsible for financial management and decision making.

Large companies have the resources and the need to have a full time CFO in charge of financial management for the company. These CFO’s often have a staff of well trained professionals to assist in the duties of the position. CFO’s normally report to a Chief Operating Officer (CEO) and/or to a board of directors. However, there are certain companies in the growth phase who might not have enough resources, proper understanding or opportunity to appoint a CFO full time, they leverage requirement of CFO by appointing professional outsourced CFO in Dubai.

Hiring CFO part time or full time may be tedious or expensive for companies operating in UAE so they resort to CFO services in Dubai with us.

What we do?

Under the CFO services Dubai, we structure the process of preparing management reports. Once reports are ready it is equally important to study, analyze and discuss the same with executives, top management and investor to identify problems, pressure points and bottlenecks. Even if business is doing well, it is equally important to evolve and grow the business as per vision statement.

It is quite important to verify and check the accounting records at regular interval to identify the mistakes or misinterpretation in terms of tax laws & representation as per Accounting Standards to make the financials legitimate for conducting Business Valuation at any moment of time required for fund-raising.

What’s included?

At Horizon Biz ConsultancyOutsourced CFO Services in Dubai majorly include:

  1. Creating long term fund raising strategy & implementing the same.
  2. Participate and support in investor meeting.
  3. Create diversification strategy and improve Sales and Profit.
  4. Set up accounting, operation and Management information system to have better decision making.
  5. Identify cost reduction areas and improve productivity in the operation areas.
  6. Assist in Compliance and Risk management.
  7. Local and Global Outsourcing Solutions.
  8. Support in tax related matters.

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