VAT Audit Services in Dubai, UAE

FTA has already given a long list of heavy penalties for non compliance of VAT laws either because of mistake or ignorance of law due to lack of awareness/knowledge. To address this we Dubai tax consultants, propose thorough check of VAT records through VAT Audit. Tax Advisors helps businesses to get ready and face FTA Audit.

Horizon Biz Consultancy understand that following and many more problems are faced by organisation in era of VAT which will easily entertain penalty

  • Error in making Invoice or Accounting the impact of VAT
  • Error in taking Input Tax Credit of VAT which you have already paid
  • Error in paying VAT or Non Levy of VAT
  • Failure to keep proper records
  • Failure to make designated zone (Free Zone) compliance’s
  • Missed any deadline (i.e. Application for preregistration, return filling dates)
  • Reconciliation with Custom Records
  • Amendment of Business records

To address above problems our tax consulting firm in UAE provides 360 Degree 100% Check for all business transactions by undergoing VAT Audit. Tax consultant in Dubai have depth knowledge of VAT Law which helps organizations fully complied with Law.

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