VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai, UAE

VAT Tax a first indirect tax which is impacting end user got implemented in UAE in year 2018. Lack of understanding has created chaos amongst business enterprises. Tax Advisors in UAE play very important role to execute implementation of VAT. Poor Interpretations of VAT Law leads to false preparation of accounting records. The credit cycle has also created burden as enterprises have to pay VAT from their own pocket negatively impacting their cash-flows.

To address above problems, Horizon Biz Consultancy is leading tax consulting firm in UAE provides:

  • VAT Registration Services as individual & Tax Groups.
  • Regular compliance services which includes filing of VAT Returns and communication with FTA Authority for queries asked.
  • 360 Degree 100% Check for all business transactions.
  • Calculation and cross checking of periodical VAT Liability.
  • Accounting of Reverse charge mechanism on import of Goods & Services.
  • Accounting input credit on services & goods used for business purpose.
  • Addressing VAT issues related to specific sector.
  • Providing VAT Training to staff.
  • Providing strategic inputs for conducting your business in the post-VAT age, addressing aspects like pricing, working capital, marketing & communication etc.
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