Accounting services starting from AED 1000

Calling all startup and SME!

We know how accounting might be challenging. We know by EXPERIENCE that the costs of mistakes are HIGH and sometimes are not bearable by a company. Horizon Biz Consultancy offers an exclusive tailor-made package for those who need guidance in the world of Finance management.

Reasons to hire outsourced accounting professionals from Horizon Biz Consultancy team:

1) Professionally manage your company’s accounts.

2) Manage accounting and financial statements efficiently.

3) Save costs on employment (visa, insurance and deposits)

4) Avoid penalties (arising from wrong interpretation & clerical mistakes)

5) Opportunity to evaluate your business efficiency on regular basis Inquire more from Horizon Biz Consultancy.

Our rates starts from 1000 AED / month Terms and conditions apply.

Schedule a meeting today. Better safe than sorry.

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