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Regional Experience on Outsourced Accounting Service

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There is no secret that major corporates outsource all services that are not directly connected with their core business operations. From coffee supply to legal assistance, cleaning and event management, accounting and marketing, there is no restrictions on what could be outsourced as long as it’s financially and qualitatively justified.

Developing business in the UAE, we are just facing the stage of acceptance to outsource such a discrete business activity – as accounting.

Conservative way of doing business dictates to have an in-house accountant.

Correct it or not, depends on each business case.

Sharing our own experience, Horizon Biz Consultancy can see the tendency to have more trust to third party contractors who can evaluate the business process with a critical point of view.

And what’s the most important – cost saving benefits creates unbeatable value to go for outsourcing.

Visa, insurance, social benefits and responsibilities over employment work against the decision on accounting manpower.

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