best 5 ways to make your accounting easy

Best 5 Ways to Make Your Accounting Easy

When running a business, you have to make sure you focus on your accounting just as much as your other functions. If you don’t manage your books, accounts payables and receivables and taxes accurately, then your business might not achieve its desired goal.

Here are 5 ways to make your accounting easy and help grow your business-

  1. Compile and sort all business expense& receipts
  2. Use of Accounting software for invoicing and recording of data
  3. Payroll management
  4. Tax obligations
  5. Separate Business Bank Account

#1. Compile and sort all business expense & receipts

It is easy to let all receipts and expense sheets accumulate in corner of a cabin. But to help you in long run, we recommend you to sort out all your receipts and expenses once you incur them. This task is far less likely to be overwhelming when expenses are entered according to when they occur, rather than in a year end accounting frenzy. Compiling receipts will help you keep a record of all the transactions on day-to-day basis.

#2. Use of Accounting software for invoicing and recording of data

Though you might feel like cutting down on cost of using a software for your accounting needs but we highly recommend you to use an accounting software that is safe, compliant and helps you keep your invoices and all financial records in a single place. You can also outsource your bookkeeping function if you don’t have enough time on hand.

#3. Payroll management

When you are running a business, you tend to have staff. Payroll is an important part for making your accounting function easy. You can either use payroll software and handle it in-house or outsource to handle everything from calculating the correct withholdings and taxes to making the direct deposits to your employee’s bank accounts.

#4. Tax obligations

Your taxes are a crucial part of your business structure. If you calculate and file your taxes accurately and on time, then you save a lot of time and energy to focus on other functions. It’s important to consult a tax professional to file taxes in order to avoid penalty and fines.

#5. Separate Business Bank Account

It’s always a good to keep every business related expense separate, and then perform reconciliation routinely, which helps to ensure your bank statements and accounting match up. You should never mix personal and business bank accounts.

If you follow these simple accounting ways they will keep your accounting and finances organized, and accurate. And if you need any assistance further, the you can always reach Horizon Biz Consultancy at or call on +9715 010 42665. We would be happy to help!


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