What are the mistakes people doing when they are choosing their accountant

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People always asked accountant do you know how to work in the accounting software which they are already using. To use accounting software is not big deal in the era of software& apps, big deal is how accountant going to record the transaction.

People hire freelancer accountants on part time basis, this is the second big mistake they are doing because there is no maker checker system with the freelancer work. After completing the accounts only the business owner is going to check the accounts and there is mistake for sure because this is the rule of data entry, if one person is entering the data and the same person checking the same there is no chance of finding mistake. There is the requirement of professional accountant who can analyze the impact of your business transaction in your books of accounts, who can prepare your books of accounts as per IFRS standards.

Missing on monthly & weekly reports, Owner of the business always think once the accountant is there then there is no time requirement from their side but this is not true, they need to ask for the monthly and weekly reports from their accountants. They need to have discussions and meetings with accountant on regular basis.

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