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As an entrepreneur trying to build a business, accounting and finance are critical responsibilities. But handling this yourself can consume excessive time when you should be focused on strategic decisions.

Hiring a full-time accountant is expensive. Yet falling behind on reporting or tax filings risks revenue leakage, penalties or compliance issues.

So what’s the solution? Outsourced accounting services tailored for start-ups that cover end-to-end finance management at budget rates.

Comprehensive Accounting From AED 1000/Month

Qualified accounting partners take care of all key finance functions for early-stage companies:

Robust Bookkeeping

  • Log daily transactions – invoices, bills, receipts
  • Process payroll, employee expense claims
  • Classify revenues, expenditures into accounts
  • Track income, operational costs, bank/cash flows
  • Maintain up-to-date supplier & customer data

Solid bookkeeping establishes strong financial hygiene and clarity into money movements.

Smart Financial Reporting

  • Scheduled Profit & Loss statements – weekly/monthly
  • Segmented reporting by product, region, department
  • Integrated Balance Sheets and Cash Flow forecasts
  • Budgeting, scenario planning, breakeven analysis
  • Customized metrics dashboard creation

Sophisticated reporting provides real-time insights into performance.

Rigorous Compliance Management

Robust compliance prevents avoidable fines, legal tangles.

Strategic Growth Advisory

  • Fundraising materials like investor decks, financial models
  • New market expansion analysis
  • Regular business performance analysis
  • Identifying cost optimization opportunities

Advisory services enable data-driven decisions to accelerate growth.

This expansive accounting coverage empowers you to optimize firm finances, taxes and compliance. So you can focus squarely on building your start-up.

And the fixed monthly cost for all these services? Just AED 1000 to start. Highly affordable even for early-stage companies still finding product-market fit.

As transactions increase month-to-month, tiered pricing bundles allow customized capacity expansion when needed.

Why Outsourced Accounting Makes Sense

Handling finance work using in-house resources has several downsides:

Distracts From Core Business

Accounting is specialized work with a steep learning curve. By offloading tasks to a dedicated provider, founders free up strategic bandwidth to build their start-ups.

Comes With High Costs

Salaries, leaves, training and high turnover of finance personnel incur heavy fixed expenses that strain cash flows.

Invites Compliance Risks

Any delays or inaccuracies in tax filings can lead to fines, legal tangles – which early-stage companies can ill afford.

Lacks Growth Advisory

Critical input around funding, expansion planning is often missing without a seasoned finance expert.

Causes Scalability Issues

Volatile accounting workloads due to growth, funding rounds cannot be managed cost effectively in-house.

Outsourced accounting neatly solves these 5 pain points for start-ups.

Real Benefits You Get

  • Affordability – No expensive full-time hires. Pay only for work done.
  • Time Savings – Focus on innovation while your accountant handles finances.
  • Accuracy – CPA certified professionals ensure error-free processes.
  • Security – Cloud accounting software with robust data protection.
  • Simplicity – Consolidated finance functions on one platform.
  • Scalability – Flexible capacity, only pay for work needed.
  • Advisory – Growth insights from qualified accountants.

For start-ups, outsourced accounting is the leanest way to manage finances.

Tailored Pricing Models

Outsourced accounting allows customized packages aligned to your start-up’s scale:

Entry Plan

  • AED 1000 per month
  • Up to 100 transactions per month
  • Daily bookkeeping, bank reconciliation
  • Basic reporting – P&L, Balance Sheets
  • VAT filing support
  • Best for pre-revenue or early stage companies

Growth Plan

  • AED 2000 per month
  • Up to 200 transactions per month
  • Progressive reporting – financial models, forecasts
  • Tax optimization advisory
  • Suited for start-ups with seed/Series A funding

Accelerator Plan

  • AED 3500 per month
  • Up to 300 transactions per month
  • Fundraising documentation – investor decks etc.
  • Expansion playbook, cost optimization
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • For start-ups targeting Series B+ funding

As transactions increase, you can upgrade plans to access enhanced advisory capabilities.


  • Cost Efficiency – No fixed employee costs, only pay for work done
  • Compliance – Avoid fines through accurate VAT, tax filings
  • Strategic Control – Handle core business while accountants manage finances
  • Financial Expertise – On-demand access to qualified accountants and CFO insights
  • Technology – Cloud accounting software with robust data protection
  • Convenience – All tasks handled under one platform

Get world-class accounting support for your start-up from just AED 1000/month.


What systems do you integrate?

Leading solutions like QuickBooks Online and Zero based on start-up’s preference.

Can you handle corporate/income tax?

Yes, complete tax filing, optimization and audit support provided.

How does capacity upgrading work?

Seamlessly upgrade to higher plans as transaction volumes increase to access enhanced advisory capabilities.

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