Guide to Getting Residency in Dubai 2023

The Complete Guide to Getting Residency in Dubai

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Many people who live and work in the UAE start looking into getting permanent residency (PR) status after a few years. This allows them to keep staying in Dubai without needing a job or local sponsor.

Why Get a Permanent Residency Visa in Dubai?

Getting PR in Dubai has many benefits over other types of visas:

It also provides more stability and freedom to make long-term life plans in Dubai. With permanent residency, you can get driving license, school admission for kids, health insurance, and other facilities more easily.

In short, Dubai PR gives an opportunity to securely call UAE your second home.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting PR Status

The first step is to check if you qualify to apply for permanent residency based on set criteria:

Nationality & Residency Requirements

  • Nationality – Only people from certain countries are currently eligible such as:
  • USA
  • UK
  • EU countries
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Others may qualify if they hold senior positions, have special skills, or have substantial investment in UAE.
  • Length of Stay – You must have stayed legally in Dubai on an employment residence visa for at least 5 continuous years. Short trips out of UAE are allowed.

Job Category

Your occupation should be under one of these categories:

  • Investors or business owners
  • Professionals like doctors, engineers, professors etc.
  • Scientific & technical professionals
  • Acclaimed artists, authors, creative talents

Income, Assets or Investment

There are also minimum income, assets, or investment requirements such as:

Meet all the eligibility rules before proceeding to apply for Dubai PR.

Documents Needed for Permanent Residency Application

When applying for PR, you have to submit various documents as proof of meeting the eligibility criteria:

  • Passport – must be valid for over 6 months
  • Previous Entry/Exit Details – showing your continuous stay in UAE
  • Proof of Income – employment contract, payslips, bank statements
  • Educational/Professional Certificates – attested degrees, credentials
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Medical Fitness Certificate – from an approved UAE hospital
  • Emirates ID Card
  • Photos – 6 passport-size pictures
  • Property Documents – if you are an investor

Get all documents legally translated and attested before submitting your application.

Step-by-Step Guide for Applying for Dubai PR

Follow these key steps to apply for getting permanent residency status in Dubai:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

First, go through the eligibility criteria explained earlier for nationality, residence, income, job category etc. If you meet all the criteria, only then proceed further.

Step 2: Prepare and Attest All Documents

Next, start collecting all the required documents as listed above. Get them legally attested by the concerned authorities. If any document is not in Arabic or English, get it translated too.

Step 3: Fill Out the PR Application Form

Now, fill out the PR application form available online on the GDRFA website. Provide accurate personal and professional details in the form.

Step 4: Pay the Fees

The fees for permanent residency application is AED 5,000. Additionally, you need to pay charges later for medical test, Emirates ID, etc.

Step 5: Submit Your PR Application

Submit the filled form, fees, and all documents to the GDRFA office. You can submit directly or through a PRO service. Track the application status online.

Step 6: Undergo Medical Check and Apply for EID

Finally, once your application is initially approved, you need to take a medical fitness exam and also apply for an Emirates ID card.

The whole process usually takes 2-6 months from application to getting the PR card. The initial PR is valid for 5 years after which renewal is required.

Benefits and Privileges of Having Dubai Permanent Residency

Getting a permanent residency in Dubai gives you many advantages and privileges such as:

  • No Local Sponsor Needed – You can live and work freely without requiring a national sponsor
  • Automatic Renewals – PR gets renewed every 5 years without needing an employer
  • Own Assets – Allows you to buy and register property, cars, assets in the UAE
  • Sponsor Visas – Lets you easily sponsor residence visas for family
  • Access Loans, Schools, Hospitals – Gives you access to facilities previously restricted
  • Long-Term Stability – Allows you to better plan your future and life goals in the UAE
  • Other Facilities – Can more easily get driving license, health insurance, kids’ school admission etc.

In short, with Dubai permanent residency you can securely call the emirate your second home and enjoy many social and financial benefits.


So in summary, getting permanent residency status in Dubai has many attractive benefits for expats who want to live long-term in the UAE. Use this guide to understand the eligibility criteria, document requirements, application process, and advantages of having a Dubai PR visa.


How long does it take to get PR approval in Dubai?

It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to get PR approval after applying. The process may take longer for some nationalities.

Does permanent residency in Dubai expire?

Yes, the initial PR is valid for 5 years only. After that you need to renew it to retain your permanent resident status.

Can I lose my Dubai PR status?

Yes, you can lose your permanent residency if you violate any UAE laws or stay out of the country continuously for over 6 months.

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