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Start Business in Bluewaters Island Dubai

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are you ever visited Bluewaters Island in Dubai? With its beautiful views, fun entertainment, and crowds of visitors, it’s the perfect spot to start your own business!

Why Open a Business on Bluewaters Island?

Bluewaters Island gets over 1 million visitors every year. These visitors all need places to eat, shop, and have fun – making Bluewaters Island a great place to launch a new business.

Here are the top reasons Bluewaters Island is ideal for new businesses:

  • Crowds of visitors year-round – Over 1 million people visit annually
  • World-famous landmarks nearby – Like the Ain Dubai ferris wheel, the world’s largest
  • Areas for shops, cafes, restaurants – Retail and dining spaces available
  • Help with licensing and permits – Streamlined business set up process
  • Affordable rents – Lower costs than mainland Dubai

So what’s the catch? You will face competition from other businesses. But a crowded market means people want to spend money there!

Choosing the Right Business Industry

With so many visitors, Bluewaters Island supports all kinds of businesses. But it’s smart to cater to what customers already come to the island for.

These business types tend to do best on Bluewaters Island:

  • Shops and Boutiques – Tourists love shopping for clothes, jewelry, electronics, souvenirs, makeup and perfumes.
    • Startup costs: $100,000-$250,000
  • Cafes and Casual Dining – Visitors want grab-and-go cafes for quick bites.
    • Startup costs: $75,000-$150,000
  • Entertainment Venues – From arcades to rides, visitors flock to fun activities.
    • Startup costs: $200,000+

Make sure you have enough saved to cover the startup costs unique to your business.

Setting Up Your Bluewaters Island Business

Getting your business going on Bluewaters Island is easier than you may think!

Here are the key steps:

  • Find a Good Location – Research spots on the island best suited for your shop or restaurant. Be sure there is enough foot traffic and parking.
  • Lease a Commercial Property – You can lease retail spaces long-term. Expect to pay $30-$50 per square foot annually.
  • Get Your Trade License – Work with the Department of Economic Development to legally operate your business.
  • Hire Qualified Staff – Find talented chefs, salespeople and managers. Offer good pay and people will want to work on the exciting island!

Promoting Your Bluewaters Island Business

You’ll need advertising to consistently attract customers. Focus on:

  • Social Media – Create accounts showcasing your shop or restaurant. Run contests/offers.
  • Influencer Marketing – Reach out to Dubai influencers to highlight your business.
  • Local Tourism Sites – Getting featured on Dubai/Bluewaters Island sites hits visitors planning trips.

The more exposure, the better! Spread the word so people know about your great business in this fantastic location.

Tips for Business Success on Bluewaters Island

Running a shop or eatery on Bluewaters Island is an amazing opportunity. But you’ll need to avoid some common pitfalls:

Do these key things well, and your new business on glamorous Bluewaters Island will thrive:

  • Offer What Visitors Want – Keep your menus and inventory targeted to tourist preferences to keep them coming back.
  • Stand Out from Competitors – Have a unique hook like family-friendly amenities or cultural theme to get noticed.
  • Provide Excellent Service – Hire friendly staff focused on amazing customer service to create loyal customers.

Start Your Bluewaters Island Business Today!

  • As you can see, Bluewaters Island offers the perfect spot to launch your shop, cafe, restaurant or entertainment concept. With its built-in customer base and helpful resources, you have an amazing opportunity to turn your business dreams into reality on this world-famous island destination!


Bluewaters Island is an ideal location to launch a new business, with its steady stream of over 1 million annual visitors looking to spend money on shopping, dining, and entertainment. The island offers affordable commercial rents, a streamlined business setup process, and proximity to world-famous attractions like Ain Dubai.

Businesses that cater to tourists like shops, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues tend to thrive on Bluewaters Island. As long as you target what visitors want, stand out from the competition, and provide excellent customer service, your new Bluewaters Island business venture has a great opportunity for success in this prime destination.


How much money do I need to start a business on Bluewaters Island?

Startup costs vary widely by industry, but plan on having at least $75,000 to $250,000 minimum to secure retail space, buy inventory and equipment, hire staff, etc. to get your business off the ground.

What kind of license do I need from the government?

You will need to apply for a trade license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development. License fees start around $2,700

Is it hard to find good staff for my business on Bluewaters Island?

Not at all! Offer fair pay, advancement opportunities, and a fun work environment on the island, and talented people will want to work at your exciting new establishment

Is it hard to find good staff for my business on Bluewater’s Island?

Not at all! Offer fair pay, advancement opportunities, and a fun work environment on the island, and talented people will want to work at your exciting new establishment.

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