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Start Business in Bur Dubai

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Are you thinking about starting a business in Bur Dubai? As one of Dubai’s top business districts, Bur Dubai offers lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs. But launching a successful startup takes careful planning and hard work. This guide will walk you through the key steps to start your Bur Dubai business the right way.
Bur Dubai is varied from central city Dubai, while the main town Dubai showcases the urban and commercial setting. Bur Dubai represents the culture and tradition of the middle east. In Bur Dubai, the eminent business sector is the hospitality industry. Bur Dubai is also a perfect tourism location with heritage villages, historic places, and more. Therefore, it is best for hotel businesses.

Choose the Right Structure for Your Bur Dubai Business

The key to success lies in aligning your business goals with the most suitable structure. Consider the following factors:

  • Nature of Business: The type of business you plan to run will influence the best structure. For trading activities, a mainland company might be preferable, while a free zone setup suits businesses focused on international trade.
  • Ownership Requirements: Evaluate your ownership preferences. If you seek full control, a free zone company might be the right choice. However, if tapping into the local market is crucial, a mainland company could be more suitable.
  • Tax Implications: Examine the tax implications associated with each structure. Free zones typically offer tax exemptions, while mainland companies are subject to corporate tax.

Understand the Rules and Permits for Businesses in Bur Dubai

Every new business in Dubai needs licenses and approvals before opening up shop. Here are the main ones:

  • Commercial Business License – Commercial licenses are required for the general trading business and the businesses involved in contracting. This license permits UAE-based companies to operate the business in the country as well as outside the country. Companies that require commercial license in Dubai include real estate, transportation, healthcare, media, publishing, spare parts, oil and gas, chemicals, automobiles, gold and precious metals, safety equipment, and more.
  • Professional Business License – Any company or individual that sets targets to make a profit by using the individual’s intellectual capacity needs a professional license in Dubai to start operations. In case the company is owned by more than one person, the company is registered as a civil works company. Businesses usually require a professional license in Dubai involve those included in insurance, IT and IT infrastructure, consultancy services, computers, tax, environmental activities, management, or marketing.
  • Industrial Business License – Industrial business licenses are demanded by manufacturing organizations to operate. Companies applying for this license must have a physical or brick-and-mortar office in the United Arab Emirates. Large-scale manufacturers like dairy products, meat products, animal and bird feed, carpets, and other similar businesses usually apply for an industrial license in Dubai
  • Tourism License – Tourism license in Dubai is issued to individuals and businesses who provide travel and tourism-related services. Since Dubai is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates, this license is the most commonly used license by businessmen. They are provided to the business owners that offer services like hotel renting, cruise boat rental, tourist camps, guest houses, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.

Pick a Good Location for Your Bur Dubai Business

Media City

Dubai Media City (DMC) has been the region’s largest hub for media and content since its founding in 2001. It is home to the biggest national and international media brands, making it the most reliable media community in the area, thus making room for large corporations, startups, SMEs, and independent contractors to live and prosper. If you own a media-related company, it could be advantageous to locate your operations in one of the more well-known areas, like Media City’s Concord Tower. Meeting investors or other business owners in similar or related industries may result from this.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

One of the free zone developments in the UAE with the fastest rate of growth is Jumeirah Lake Towers, or JLT. In addition to its advantageous location—it is near the Jebel Ali Free Zone and ports, Al Maktoum International Airport, and the Dubai Logistics Corridor—a number of businesses provide residential, retail, and commercial real estate for sale or lease. Actually, about 6,500 businesses in JLT make use of the amenities and services available to them.

Business Bay

A central business district called Business Bay is intended to house at least 240 buildings for residential and commercial developments. Located behind Sheik Zayed Road and adjacent to Downtown Dubai, the area provides good access to the rest of the city. Another well-liked location for upscale corporate offices for foreign businesses searching for furnished offices for rent in Dubai is Business Bay.

Build Your Startup Team

You’ll need a good team to turn your idea into a success. Here are your staffing options as a new Bur Dubai business:

Hiring Locals:

Emiratis are familiar with the local business landscape, which can be advantageous. However, with under 5% unemployment among Nationals, finding suitable candidates can be challenging.

Hiring Foreign Talent:

Expatriate professionals can fill skill gaps in the UAE workforce. However, obtaining work visas for foreign employees can be expensive and time-consuming.


Hiring freelancers abroad can be a cost-effective way to get support online. However, managing work across different time zones can be challenging.

Fund Your Bur Dubai Business Smartly

This paragraph discusses various financing options available for funding a business in Bur Dubai. It highlights the importance of having sufficient funds to cover startup costs such as licenses, rent, inventory, and salaries. The financing options mentioned include:

  1. Personal Savings: Using personal savings to fund a business is suitable for simple, low-budget business ideas.
  2. Business Loans: Banks offer business loans and credit to viable companies and entrepreneurs to help them start or expand their businesses.
  3. Investors: Entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas to private investors or venture capital firms in exchange for equity investment.
  4. Government Grants: Some government grants are available to support Emirati-owned and innovative startups.

The article advises creating a solid startup budget and exploring the best funding sources. It also mentions that their team can assist with preparing pitches and applications for funding.


Launching a successful business in Bur Dubai is very achievable if you plan properly and get good guidance. Strategize the legal structure, location, team, licenses, costs and funding. Partner with a reputable consultant like us for personalized advice and support. We make startup dreams into realities!


Where to begin when you are thinking to start a business in Bur Dubai?

To set up a business at first includes raising the capital speculation for paying the permit and worker Visas. The cost depends up on the idea of the business and the class whether modern, business or administration arranged movement.

Do I need a partnership of a UAE Citizen to start my business here?

The partners nationality is one of the main factor to determine the types of business that you can setup in UAE..

How about Setting up an organization in Free zone?

Free trade zone in the United Arab emirates are the areas which has less or special tax is implied to the companies to encourage economic activity.

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