What is included in Management Accounting?

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The basic function of management accounting is to help the management make decisions. Financial accounting, costing, business analysis, economics are a part of management accounting. Management accounting is generally focused to improve the company’s finance and profit.

The only need for management accounting is that the data should serve its purpose, which is helping the management take important business decisions.

Management accounting refers to a function of tracking internal costs for any business process that helps an organization, firm, or individual in making decisions related to production, operation, and investment in the market. Companies need management accounting to know the efficiency of their budget, the cost of their operations and then allocate funds accordingly in production, sales, and investment.

Management accounting requires co-ordination with all concerned departments to make an overall analysis of the company’s functioning capital and availability of funds and then to report all the information to senior management and board of directors or owners.

Following things are included in Management Accounting

The purpose of management accounting is to help the managerial team with financial information so that they can execute business operations and activities more efficiently. It comprises the following things-

  1. Decision Making
  2. Planning
  3. Controlling business operations
  4. Organizing
  5. Understanding financial data
  6. Identifying business problem areas
  7. Strategic Management

Key points for Management Accounting

  1. Only used for internal purposes of the firm.
  2. Is not under the regulation of any law or regulations.
  3. The main purpose is to help internal management take decisions.
  4. Includes both financial and non-financial information.
  5. Not subject to any audits or investigation.
  6. Measures the performance of the business in terms of efficiency, growth, utilization of business resources, etc.
  7. Assess risks that can be further converted into profit (Risks are an integral part of every business and management accounting helps to minimize the risk and analyze various opportunities).
  8. Plans business goals like “What to do” “When to do” “How to do” etc.
  9. Helps in Budget management. 

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