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VAT Consultation

With our expertise to interpret and implement VAT, we provide end to end VAT consultation along with hand-holding services to support the business organization for easy operation of a business.

360 Degree VAT Health Check

Through a hands-on approach, Horizon Biz Consultancy undertake 100% check of business transactions and reviews of the current practices, processes, through VAT Tax view point before filing of VAT Return or as per the time frame decided.

UAE Excise Law

The UAE government introduced excise tax on carbonated drinks, tobacco products and energy drinks in 2017 and has decided to charge the same on e-cigarettes, e-liquids and several energy drinks and sweetened drinks, commencing from December 1, 2019.

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What is 360 Degree VAT Check?

VAT Tax is implemented in UAE just less then a year ago. Lack of understanding has created chaos amongst business enterprises. Poor Interpretations of VAT Law & Non-compliance leads to false preparation of accounting records. The above reasons lead to filing of VAT Return with false details which attracts hefty penalties. The credit cycle has created burden on enterprises to pay VAT from their own pocket which negatively impacts the cash-flows.

To address above problems we provide:

  • 360 Degree 100% Check for all business transactions.
  • Cross checking of all day to day compliance’s of VAT (i.e. invoice, book keeping problems)
  • Calculation and cross checking of periodical VAT Liability.
  • Accounting of Reverse charge mechanism on import of Goods & Services.
  • Accounting input credit on services & goods used for business purpose.
  • Addressing VAT issues related to specific sector.

Did You Know ?

Basics of VAT and Why is it implemented?

VAT is consumption based Tax levied on goods and services at the point of supply and in not intended to be a tax on business. VAT is implemented to help governmnet reducing dependence on crude and to contribute to continuous provisions of high quality public services such as school/ healthcare/ infrastructure.

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