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Dubai’s Best Taxation & VAT Consulting Company

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Businesses operating in Dubai must comply with various tax and VAT regulations. For those unfamiliar with the processes, it can feel overwhelming. This is where Horizon Biz Consultancy provides invaluable support.

As the top taxation and VAT advisors in the Emirate, Horizon Biz helps companies navigate requirements with ease. Let’s explore how their expertise and range of services can take the stress out of compliance.

Expert Guidance on Evolving Tax Law

Tax policies frequently change. Horizon Biz’s team of advisors stays up-to-date on any amendments through continuous professional development.

By understanding the latest rules intimately, they can explain complex concepts simply. Advisors offer informational sessions to provide an overall view of taxation in Dubai.

Clinics give businesses insight into their obligations. Horizon Biz also assists with procedures like filing tax returns accurately. This avoids issues from errors or missed deadlines.

Comprehensive VAT Registration and Filing Assistance

The VAT registration process involves collecting documentation and submitting forms. Horizon Biz handles the application end-to-end to save time and resources.

Once registered, they manage ongoing obligations. This includes submitting quarterly VAT returns showing output tax owed or input claims. Horizon Biz ensures returns are filed before looming deadlines to prevent penalties.

If a business paid too much VAT, Horizon Biz requests refunds on their behalf. This puts cash back in the company coffers. Their team tracks clients’ VAT positions closely to maximise financial benefits.

Advanced Audit Services for Strategic Compliance

Ongoing auditing, whether external or internal, helps companies meet regulatory requirements. Horizon Biz’s audit division oversees these needs.

External auditors independently review accounts to satisfy legal requirements. Meanwhile, internal auditors analyse operations for risks and improvement opportunities. This ensures strong governance.

Horizon Biz also provides virtual CFO services, involving oversight of bookkeeping, financial statements and strategic decisions. Outsourcing these tasks frees up clients to focus on their core jobs.

Customised Advisory and Strategic Planning

Every business faces unique challenges. Horizon Biz understands this, developing personalised roadmaps. Experts analyse operations and finances to find the best tax optimization strategies.

By planning proactively, companies can minimise future bills legally. Horizon Biz serves as an advocate too, representing clients to authorities when needed. Their tailored solutions resolve complex issues.

Superior Service Wins Loyal Clients

Horizon Biz places tremendous value on delivering top-notch support. Fast response times provide prompt answers to questions. Dedicated account managers ensure seamless coordination.

As one satisfied customer said, “They made a challenging tax situation seem simple.” Testimonials repeatedly praise Horizon Biz’s service quality, expertise, and attention to detail that leaves clients stress-free.

In summary, Horizon Biz Consultancy offers a one-stop solution for all taxation and VAT needs. Companies achieve ongoing compliance confidently with their comprehensive assistance.


In conclusion, Horizon Biz Consultancy is the premier resource for businesses grappling with Dubai’s tax and VAT landscape. Their expert team simplifies requirements through guidance, registration assistance, filing services and auditing solutions.

Strategic planning further helps companies minimise taxation expenses legally. Exceptional client service delivered by Horizon Biz leaves customers feeling confident and stress-free. Overall, they provide unmatched support that is worth its weight in gold.


What is the corporate tax rate in Dubai?

The standard corporate tax rate in Dubai is currently 9% for taxable profits above 375,000 AED. Some free zones like DIFC have a tax rate of 0%.

How quickly can I obtain a VAT number?

It typically takes 2-4 weeks to obtain a VAT registration number from the Federal Tax Authority in Dubai, provided all application documents are submitted correctly. Horizon Biz can help expedite the process.

Can audits be done externally or must it be in-house?

Both external and internal audits are allowed in Dubai. External audits offer independency but require appointing auditors. Horizon Biz provides comprehensive external and internal audit solutions to help maintain compliance.



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