The Importance of Bookkeeping in UAE

Bookkeeping is an important thing for businesses of all sizes. Large, medium, or small-sized and can’t be stressed enough when it comes to running your own business. A lot of start-up businesses will let go bookkeeping process as a part cost-cutting which is a huge mistake, as the same business which otherwise would have performed well and have been successful, will be pulled down to early liquidation by their failure to maintain proper financial records.

Accounting services in UAE can help you with bookkeeping, gathering, recording, categorizing, and reporting financial data which is indeed beneficial for your business.

Bookkeeping is the assortment of financial data that keeps an everyday record of the financial transactions of your organization. Bookkeeping gives a thorough investigation of your expenses, profits, and income. You might be considering how much substantial information is coming up that incredibly the dynamic for your business. At present, entrepreneurs need bookkeepers who can offer many types of assistance, for example, great advice on current bookkeeping management.

Below mentioned are some crucial pointers which shine a light on the importance of bookkeeping:

  • Firstly, having your books properly maintained means that you are well equipped for an unfortunate case where your books need to be audited by official authorities like FTA. Also, efficient bookkeeping makes it easier for businesses to calculate their tax liability, thus avoiding penalties from the tax authority. As per the Federal law of UAE, Business should properly maintain their records of the past 5 years. (15 years for Real Estate Industry) and with the proper bookkeeping in place, documentation can be ease.
  • Secondly, a common reason for much business failure in UAE is the mismanagement of cash. By analyzing your financial statements, it can help a business to manage its cash, payables, and receivables. A better analysis can help management make crucial decisions, prepare performance charts, and also different types of reports like variance reports, budget reports, and plan to make things a lot easier. Since bookkeeping helps in reporting, it also helps a business if necessary to bring in any investors by presenting them with the material.

Regular bookkeeping is presently turning into a steady reminder to pay your taxes on time and lawfully. Bookkeeping is essential as it enables your organization to arrange a sound spending plan. Accounting and bookkeeping are significant for any business because there is a flow of money, for example, incoming or going out, and the different divisions need to designate and make payments and make deposits. Bookkeeping manages identification, measurement, and recording of financial transactions.


Above mentioned advantages are just a few of the actual merits of proper Bookkeeping. It also adds small values such as being worry-free. With complete and proper bookkeeping, you can use your valuable time on other concerned matters knowing your business is secured. The importance of bookkeeping thus can’t be overlooked. During the current pandemic, outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping is an option worth considering. Contact us to get your books to organize properly!

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