Business Valuation Services in Dubai

Maximizing shareholder value is inevitably the destination for any business. Business valuation in Dubai is very subjective task. We guide you through the whole process and give clarity with well documented analysis and valuation opinions.

Horizon Biz Consultancy provide independent business valuation services in Dubai for varied purposes like:

  • Merger or Acquisition,
  • Joint venture,
  • Fund raising through Equity dilution,
  • Investment decisions,
  • Valuing intangible assets including brand valuation and goodwill
  • For dispute and litigation support.

We as the financial consultant in Dubai provide Business Valuation services from startups, SME, MSME to conglomerate companies. Be whatever your aim, we provide customized realistic solution to execute your aim & vision in best manner.

Being one amongst the best business valuation company in Dubai we provide reliable business valuation report from reviewing historical and forecasted information, analysis of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow, conducting meetings with management to discuss company history, operations, employees, customers and competitors and other relevant items, analysing and comparing company performance to similar businesses within the industry and examining budgets, leases, sales contracts, purchase agreements, customer lists, local and national economies and management capabilities.

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