Start Business In Al Barsha Dubai

Start Business in Al Barsha Dubai

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Al Barsha is one of the top locations in Dubai to start a business. This comprehensive guide provides all the necessary information to establish your venture smoothly in Al Barsha.

Why Choose Al Barsha as Your Business Location?

Location: Al Barsha is centrally located in Dubai with easy access to major roads like Sheikh Zayed Road. This strategic location allows you to reach customers across the city efficiently.

Infrastructure: As a business hub, Al Barsha offers modern offices, retail showrooms, warehouses and other commercial spaces. It has ample amenities like banks, restaurants, hypermarkets within walking distance.

Catchment: Being well connected makes Al Barsha appealing to customers within and outside Dubai. Startups get access to a large pool of patrons from Al Barsha’s residential population and surrounding areas.

Picking the Right Business Activity

IT and Consultancy: Tech and services companies thrive in Al Barsha thanks to reliable internet and office infrastructure to support remote working models

Retail: The busy streets and malls of Al Barsha present great opportunities for retailers. Set up shop to attract the area’s busy consumer base.

Logistics: The region’s warehouses and proximity to Jebel Ali Port make Al Barsha suitable for logistics, storage and distribution ventures.

Carefully evaluate your product or service requirements and target market to determine if Al Barsha can cater to your specific business needs.

Licenses and Permits Required

The following registrations are mandatory to legally start operations in Al Barsha:

Commercial License: Apply to the Department of Economic Development (DED) to obtain your initial license.

Trade Name Registration: Also register your company name with DED.

Trade License: Obtain a Dubai Trade License from Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Visas: Sponsor relevant visas for employees and investors through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Consult registered consultants for license applications to avoid errors as penalties apply for non-compliances. Budget 2-4 weeks for approvals.

Setting Up Your Office or Store

  • Once licensed, focus on:
  • Renting commercial space – Factors to consider are size, location, rent and facilities as per your budget.
  • Fit-outs – Design your interiors as per business activity within municipal by-laws.
  • Utility connections – Arrange for electricity, internet, phone lines, signboards etc.
  • Furniture and equipment – Equip your office or retail space as per requirements.
  • Insurance – Compulsory for employee and liability coverage.

Reputable property portals and contacts through your consultant help simplify space search and leasing in Al Barsha

Business Operations and Compliance

  • Some key operational aspects post setup include:
  • Accounting – Maintain books of accounts as per local standards for tax filings
  • HR policies – Develop employee manuals covering policies like leave, timings etc.
  • Renewing licenses annually – Pay fees on time to avoid service interruptions.
  • Ongoing quality certifications – For sectors like manufacturing and healthcare.
  • Environmental rules – Waste disposal as per municipality guidelines.

Have professionals vet your processes to avoid non-adherence penalised through spot-checks in Dubai

Expanding and Growing your Customer Base

As business stabilizes, focus on scaling up through:

  • Improving offerings – Diversify through new product/service development.
  • Marketing and branding – Leverage digital platforms and on-ground promotions.
  • Partnerships – Joint ventures can help enter new sectors/markets combined.
  • Funding – Explore private equity, bank loans etc. through established networks.

Generate interest through innovative strategies suited to your target market. Consider relocating to a larger space as customer base expands


Al Barsha provides exciting opportunities for starting up due to its central location, infrastructure and large catchment area. By fulfilling basic registrations and establishing operations through experienced consultants, your venture can take off smoothly in this premier commercial destination.


Do I need a local sponsor?

Only for specific sectors, otherwise 100% foreign ownership permitted in mainland Dubai.

What licenses are must?

Commercial, trade name and trade license to legally operate in Al Barsha, Dubai.

How to find reliable vendors?

Connect with consultants, chambers for contacts of service providers like architects, movers etc.

Which industries should I avoid?

Weapons, interest-based finance, pornography and few others require municipality pre-approval.

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