Important Facts About VAT Consultant in Dubai

Important Facts about VAT Consultant in Dubai

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The VAT consultant in Dubai ensures that VAT is charged on most goods and services at a rate of 5%, with few exceptions for those who are under our watch. At the other hand, end users generally accept VAT costs in the form of an increase in most of the products and services of 5% in the United Arab Emirates, while taxable companies charge taxes as taxpayers on behalf of the government. VAT consultant fully comply with VAT regulation in the United Arab Emirates, companies need to change their basic business, financial and accounting management, technology, and even staffing. It is important that companies try to understand the implications of new taxes and take all efforts to align their business model with coordination requirements.

VAT Consultant Guide and Advice for Business Starters in Dubai

Our VAT consultant services are very much open for people to let them know that it is important to understand the potential obligations that you or your company may have under the VAT Law of the United Arab Emirates. Our expert VAT consultants in conjunction with the federal tax authorities (FTA) have committed itself to providing broad support and guidance to achieve this, but it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that all the necessary compliance requirements are met. The free trade zone area is responsible for the control of taxpayers, and then imposes sanctions on those who do not comply with the law.

You cannot rely on your predispositions because business needs much more than instincts. Every business owner is mandated to register for Value Added Tax. You shall be filing taxes at the end of the year anyway and you need to submit your remittances on time. Procrastination may have serious consequences. Computation of taxes on goods can be handled by VAT consultant in Dubai and it is only an instance when these professionals are needed in the business

VAT Consultant Return Tips for your Business-

Ways to Save Money and Time on VAT Returns in Dubai

  • Pay VAT on time

Avoid penalties by paying VAT on time. You will not be charged the first time this happens but a warning will be issued. If it occurs again within the following months, an assessment will be made to determine a surcharge of up to 15 percent

  • Charge the appropriate VAT amount

There are different types of tax, therefore you must make sure that you apply the right amount. Charging of 5%, or exempt can make a noticeable difference to your profit margins. If you are unsure as to what VAT to charge, seek the expert advice of VAT consultant in Dubai.

  • Flat rate scheme, simplified accounting

We can help you can calculate your VAT payment as a flat rate percentage of your turnover by using this scheme. The percentages are calculated conferring to which sector you trade in. By using this scheme, you are not able to reclaim the VAT which has been paid as this is considered and added to the flat rate percentage.

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