Documents Required for VAT Registration in Dubai

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Registering for VAT is an important process every business must complete in Dubai. This comprehensive guide will explain each document requirement in simple terms so you can easily prepare.

Understanding VAT

VAT stands for Value Added Tax. It is a tax the government collects from companies on goods and services.
VAT works by allowing businesses to claim back tax paid on purchases called input tax. This reduces the overall tax amount a company must pay, known as output tax.
By registering for VAT, your business ensures it is paying and collecting the correct amount of tax from customers as required by law.

Reasons for VAT Registration

There are a few key reasons why registering your business is important:

  • Revenue Threshold: If annual sales exceed AED 375,000, your company must pay VAT on goods/services supplied. Failing to register can invite penalties.
  • Input Tax Recovery: Only VAT registered businesses can recover input tax paid on purchases of items used in operations. This helps save costs long-term.
  • Customer Requirements: Most companies only work with other VAT registered partners. Not having registration can limit your clientele.
  • Future-proofing: Even if revenue is currently low, registering prepares your business in case income increases to above the threshold later.

Main Documents Required

Here are the primary documents needed in detail:

Trade License

This license proves your business is legally permitted to operate within Dubai. A valid trade license must be submitted during registration.

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

The MOA shares important company specifics like founders, activities and shareholders. It needs official translation if not already in English/Arabic.

Bank Statements

Recent banking statements act as evidence of transactions and cash flows. A minimum of three months of statements should be provided.

Commercial Registration (CR)

Certain business activities like clinics or schools require this pre-approval. Submit the CR approval letter for registration.

A01 Form

This online form captures key business particulars. Fill all sections accurately without errors for smooth processing.

Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)

Issued in your home country, the TRC verifies company residence. UAE auditors can issue it too for foreign firms.

Emirates ID

Required only if a sole proprietor to represent the entrepreneur behind the business by legal name.

Preparing Documents Properly

Having complete documents ready well in advance is crucial:

  • Start collating papers 2-3 months before the deadline to avoid stress.
  • Certified translations prevent issues for non-Arabic/English files.
  • Consult experts if you face any confusions on specific requirements.
  • Firms like HorizonBiz offer document preparation aid and ensure zero mistakes.


With the right paperwork prepared well in advance and expert help, your business can smoothly register for VAT compliance in Dubai. Consult proven experts to simplify the process and successfully complete registration on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can an agent register on my behalf?

A. Yes, you can authorize a VAT specialist firm to submit applications for you.

Q. What if a document is missing?

A. Inform the department and request to submit it separately to avoid rejection.

Q. What are the typical timeframes?

A. Three to four weeks on average processing duration with complete error-free submissions.

Q. Who can I contact for assistance?

A. Reach out to skilled VAT advisors like HorizonBiz consultants for reliable guidance.



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